Rapper TI Says Mind Your Business When It Comes To Gay Marriage

ti gay marriage

TI supports gay marriage and people minding their own business when it comes to what others prefer in the bedroom.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

After President Obama recently announced his support for gay marriage, the black community has become even more divided on the polarizing issue that has been a hot debate in the last decade of politics. Struggling with Obama’s new shift in political stance the most would be the black church, with the varying attitudes on the subject even coming down to generational and the more apparent age gaps regarding social beliefs. There should be no surprise that the majority of Hip Hop royalty will be backing the 44th President of the United States again, as he runs for re-election into a second term. So the recent endorsements of gay marriage and President Obama at the hands of TI and Jay Z can’t be labeled as earth shattering political gains.

However, rapper TI raised eyebrows with some statements he made at a recent interview when the segment got political.

When asked about his own personal views regarding gay marriage, the Atlanta rapper said the following during RapFix Live:

“Just to speak honestly and being frank, I don’t care. I think that if a matter doesn’t affect your daily life, you shouldn’t take a hard stand on it. If it’s not something that directly affects you, if it doesn’t affect you, what difference does it make to you what other people are doing with their lives? I don’t think that’s a hard question. I think that you should be able to do whatever you want to do. I don’t see how it matters one way or another.”

The rapper’s comments bring to the surface the sentiments of many of the less religious gay-marriage supporters who feel the religious shouldn’t push their beliefs onto others.


What are your thoughts on TI’s recent remarks on gay marriage?  Agree or disagree?


  1. Of course he would feel that way. Everybody in Atlanta knows (or should know) that he and Tiny are a very wild couple. They drink, party, take ecstasy, and bring in other people to their bedroom. I know Gia is going to get me for gossiping on here, but no one should be surprised that he doesn’t care.

    1. Umm yeah…now you know nobody really knows what TI and Tiny do in their private bedroom. Don’t believe everything random folks slap up on blogs. PS. I’m glad you knew I was coming for you. LOL.

  2. I agree with him. I mean seriously. People are so passionate about gay marriage but they aren’t passionate about their own sins. I’m not a supporter so to speak, but I’m not going to protest against it either. Especially when so many “holy” people can’t even stay married. We all have things we need to work on, so let’s not draw out the pitchforks on the one group of people that actually want to get married.

    1. That’s kind of an irrational way to think. You can’t throw out all of God’s views for the misguided few. Christians were never meant to be perfect.

  3. I see his points to a certain extent, but it’s not fair to alienate the people who actually want to honor God’s word and speak out for God. That’s the problem with this issue. It is really divisive, and it shouldn’t be. We should all be able to have our opinions without being told that we are either going to Hell or being a bigot (depending on the side you’re on).

      1. What do you do, wait for gay marriage posts and wait on me to comment? Look, I’m sorry I p-ssed in your cheerios that ONE TIME. Please take a breath, back away, and get off my cyber nu-s. I never mean to offend anyone with what I write in this here comment section. It’s called an opinion, you have yours and baby I have mine.

  4. And for the record, I’m on the side of “Can We Talk About the Economy?” No offense to the gays or the religious, but that issue doesn’t speak to me as much as the economy is speaking to my wallet. Just saying!

  5. Yes, because we’re all dying to know what rappers really think about gay marriage. Isn’t he on probation, again? Who cares what he thinks.

  6. So I see the media is working overtime in making us think gay marriage is harmless and perfectly ok! They got our rappers and now even our president! I know better!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m with T.I on this one what difference does it make. Why we are talking about beening HOLY they need to get all of the preachers who are taking money from the church who are molesting these kids. But yet they think about someone’s else personal life and what they are doing with it. Please.. like he said people need to mind there own business when it come to other people’s personal LIFE! If it dont affect your life then why worry about it. There are other important things to worry about other than who someone loves!

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