Tameka Raymond Finally Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

By: Taren Vaughan

Tameka Raymond has made headlines daily this past week as she spilled the beans in her interview with Entertainment Tonight. And with each part of it, Tameka dished on a number of different things including how she is dealing with the loss of her son, how she feels about the labels that people keep attaching her to and Usher cheating on her with one of her bridesmaids. As Tameka touched on Usher’s unfaithful moment and his mother’s lack of support of him, she admitted to a not so good moment of her own as she confirmed spitting on Usher’s girlfriend, an act that Tameka said she was very ashamed of. The tidbits that Tameka shared about Usher were not painting a pretty picture of the superstar. However, during the last part of her interview, Tameka talked about a life-threatening moment that she had back in 2009 where Usher came to be right by her side.

Barely two months after giving birth to her youngest son Naviyd, Tameka Raymond admitted to ET that she was desperate to get the excess weight off that she gained during her pregnancy and even made a trip out of the country to Brazil with her sister to get a liposuction procedure done.

And Tameka spoke on what she thinks drove her to seek surgery in the first place:

“It probably was postpartum, I don’t know. I think I was having some of the mommy blues — I didn’t feel good in my skin, you know? I wasn’t happy,”

Once the word got out that Tameka was going under the knife, the rumors started flying, with claims that Tameka was getting other forms of cosmetic surgery done, including a face lift. Tameka says though that she never underwent any surgery period for what happened prior to it occurring almost took her life:

“I wasn’t on the operating table, but I was in the anesthesiologist and I went into cardiac arrest,”

Tameka said that she was revived from the cardiac arrest and then placed in a medical coma. Hearing the news about her, Usher wasted no time to come and check on her, a moment that Tameka recalls as being a “sweet” one:

“It was terrible circumstances, but it was a sweet moment,”

Tameka Raymond has touched on some rocky times between her and Usher in her interview with ET, things involving their marriage and custody battle over their two sons. But she still was able to recall a good moment where Usher was there for her in her time of need and clear up the plastic surgery rumors too.



  1. Tameka just couldn’t handle being married to Usher. She’s been through a lot, but it’s for the best that the marriage ended. I just wish she would get her groove back like Stella and her a man to help her move on.

  2. Tameka definitely allowed the criticisms and negativity from Usher’s fans get to her. She probably had no problem with what she looked like until she started dating Usher. I never thought she was ugly BTW, but hey, any black woman who doesn’t look white isn’t deemed attractive these days. Smh.

  3. I’m glad Tameka was able to tell her side of the story, but it’s really time for her to make an effort to move forward from this marriage. It’s clear that Usher is doing everything he can to erase her out of his life.

  4. I like the fact that she never spoke down about Usher in these interviews with ET. Now I hope that they can get along for the sake of their children. It’s too bad that there are reports that Usher is about to sell Tameka’s house.

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