Details About Beyonce’s Upcoming Album Revealed, Will She Shut the Game Down?


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce’s back in the studio almost one year after having her first baby with husband Jay-Z, and people are already talking about what to expect from the singer superstar’s next album. Although Beyonce’s latest album 4 didn’t seem to have the same promotion as her earlier albums, the album still was able to achieve platinum status. Beyonce is still enjoying her time as being a new mommy to Blue Ivy, but she’s still focused on her fifth studio album. And according to newly released details of her upcoming studio album, it sounds like this one could be a hit. Apparently, Beyonce is working with big names like Kanye West, Miguel, Hit-Boy and even hubby Jay-Z is rumored to be making an appearance, something he didn’t do on the last album.

According to The Sun:

POP superstar BEYONCE’S next album looks set to rewrite the record books.

The singer has compiled an all-star cast for her hotly anticipated fifth CD – and last week she whet fans’ appetites by posting a picture from the vocal booth online.

Top pop-producing talent KANYE WEST, MIGUEL, HIT-BOY and, of course, her hubby JAY-Z are all in the studio working on the release.

Even legendary songwriter DIANE WARREN – who penned Aerosmith hit I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing – is on board.

And the plans to promote the CD are equally huge. Beyonce will perform at the Super Bowl in February – watched on the box by around 100million Americans – to coincide with the release.


  1. Of course she will shut the game down! Love her! And her last album is still being played DAILY in my house. I love that she went back to her R&B roots on 4.

  2. Sounds like she’s going to be doing mostly R&B on this upcoming album. I kind of think she may need to make a little bit more pop music to stay relevant though.

  3. If she’s working with Miguel I can already tell she’s going to have some great love songs on there. Miguel is an amazing writer and seriously underrated.

    1. I swear you jealous people have the same tired complaints and lies about Beyonce. How is she washed up and all of her albums have gone platinum? And the next one will too. But when it does, you’ll be back on another blog in the comment section hating as usual because your life sucks. lol

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