Nicki Minaj’s Hair Stylist Quits Due to Her Diva Antics?

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj might be one of the most successful female rappers to ever do it, but with success of a female entertainer always comes the diva rumors. And according to gossip that has been surrounding Nicki since she became a huge pop star, Nicki isn’t the easiest person to work with. It’s been regularly reported that Nicki gives her staff a very hard time behind the scenes. Rumors suggest the head barbie’s attitude is notrocious and it’s been said that she regularly shouts insults at her staff when she’s stressed. Nicki might have confirmed these rumors herself in her own documentary as she wasn’t very friendly with her wardrobe stylist in a couple of scenes, not to mention other artists have already complained about her backstage diva behavior that led one artist to have a Twitter rant.

So many aren’t shocked to learn that her Hairstylist has jumped shipped. Terrence Davidson released a public statement announcing he would be no longer be working with Nicki, but he claims in the statement that it’s all due to him wanting to “explore new opportunities” in his career. However, whispers suggest it’s because Nicki was just too difficult to work with.

Here’s the report from Celebuzz:

Davidson, who has also worked with Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige, said he was leaving Minaj, 30, to “reenergize” his creativity.

Davidson wrote:

“I would like to inform the media and supporters that I’ve decided to step away as hair stylist and wig creator for Nicki Minaj. It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design. I have decided to part ways from Nicki Minaj because I would like to explore other opportunities within my own brand and reenergize my creativity through work in fashion editorial, beauty consultations, media personality, “how-to” lectures and hair show development. I am very proud of the body of work built with Nicki Minaj and I appreciate the support over the years from fans who¹ve expressed love for my craft. Look forward to seeing me larger than life in 2013.”

A source close to Davidson told Celebuzz that he quit following “a series of derogatory statements” by the “Starships” singer and her management.


In related news, Nicki might be beefing with Mariah Carey, feeling like the industry is against her, and still not too thrilled about that snub from the Grammys; However, the female rapper still has some good news to celebrate.

She took to her Twitter account the other day to tell her fans that her Macy’s fragrance was the top-selling fragrance over the Holidays according to the mega department store brand.

She tweets:


This news comes around the same time it was confirmed that Nicki also received her first People’s Choice Award.

Congrats to Nicki.


      1. Boo I know you’re a Nicki stan and all, but even you got to admit those wigs are terrible. She looks cheap every time she steps out the house. Be happy for your fave. LOL.

  1. Can’t stand this bish. She’s always rude. She came for Mariah who is a damn legend and still doesn’t respect any of the female rappers that came before her. There’s not a humble bone in her body! Can’t wait until her fans outgrow her corny a-s!

  2. Look at her hair in that pic…it looks dreadful. She wears the tackiest looking lacefronts I have ever seen. This was a good move.

  3. I believe this. He can’t come out and say Nicki’s a b-tch in his statement, and honestly, he could write fashion editorials and style Nicki at the same time. Multiple people write and do other things. He’s definitely trying to cover up something in this statement.

  4. Does it really matter? I wish someone else would come on the scene and blow up and push Nikki into irrevelantville. Why is her hair stylist quitting news worthy? That goes to show just how distracted the people are – they care about your staffing – really???

    I just wish we could go back to the music as that’s what we’re supposed to be here for. Nikki’s music is sub par. She is a gimmick that should have expired a long time ago. Its like keeping bad milk in your fridge…get rid of it already and start a new. I can’t even think of any female MC’s for the future of Hip Hop. Azealia Banks is too busy beefing with people instead of putting out music. Teyana Taylor is famous for nothing. I miss the days of Lauren Hill, Mc Lyte and Salt n Pepa. No gimmicks. No one even knew who their stylists or staffers were…sigh

    1. Is this news worthy – umm, yes, considering this is a gossip/celeb news blog and the story is not that the stylist quit is was WHY the stylist quit. I say this because it annoys me when people come on here and talk about why is blah blah blah a story, there are numerous places to go to read hardcore NEWS about the world and etc (but even they talk about celeb stuff too). People want to read about celebs and a variety of other things. I myself read hardcore news and this site daily because I’m well rounded like MOST people. I like gossip but stay informed like most people in my circle.

      And lastly, Lauryn Hill is not a saint. She gets written about too and gossiped about like the next person. The only reason you weren’t reading about how messy she was back in the day is because blogs didn’t exist. Now that blogs are the main source of information, everything gets reported on. There is no privacy for celebs. I guarantee you MC Lyte would be getting gossiped about right now if she was relevant. In fact, someone blogged about her being gay and dating Pam from Martin not too long ago. It’s part of being famous.

      Welcome to new media. Don’t take it so personal and let people run their blogs the way they want. I like what I read on here. It’s a pretty good mix of celebs and the writers don’t personally attack celebs. I appreciate that. #shrugs

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