Kanye West Gets Accused of Performing High and Drunk at Recent Concert

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Kanye West concert gets slammed by attendee? Kanye West was quickly labeled as a musical genius after Hip-Hop heads got a dose of the rapper’s exceptional skills as a rapper/producer on his debut album “College Dropout.” Over the years though, Kanye has switched up his style quite a bit when it comes to his music and performances, causing some people to applaud his creativity and bash him over it all at the same time. Kanye’s latest album “Yeezus” caused quite the uproar over the title itself as many felt it was blasphemous.

And to make his critics even angrier, Kanye made a bold statement claiming that he is a god. ‘Ye’s claim of being god along with the controversial title of his album didn’t stifle his album’s success. But the numbers he pulled in with his latest project weren’t impressive as far as industry insiders were concerned as they felt an artist like Kanye should be selling way more albums. Despite how people felt about him comparing himself to a god, Kanye still seems to view himself as such as the rapper brought out a man dressed up as a white Jesus on stage at one of his recent tour shows at KeyArena.

The crowd of about 15,000 was said to be thrilled over Kanye bringing Jesus out on stage with him. However, one concert goer wasn’t at all impressed with the show Kanye put on. The concert attendee took to his Twitter account to inform everyone about how awful he thought Kanye’s late performance was and says he is so thankful he didn’t have to spend a dime to see the show. The man also accuses Kanye of being high and drunk on stage and says the rapper laid down to sleep during his performance (Read from bottom to top):

kanye west concert slammed by concert goer 5

kanye west concert slammed by concert goer 4

kanye west concert slammed by concert goer 2 kanye west concert slammed by concert goer 3

kanye west concert slammed by concert goer

In related news, Kanye West cancelled his scheduled show in Vancouver tonight just hours before the show which did not sit well with many of his fans as they are currently going in on the rapper on social media networks.



  1. SMDH. I wouldn’t pay to see him at this point, but when I saw him a several years ago he was great. But that was before his mom passed.

  2. Ain’t it Kim’s birthday? Let me find out he cancelled his concert to be with her. That’s messed up he’d do his fans like that, but I’m sure he doesn’t care.

  3. I doubt Kanye was high and drunk during his performance. Nor did he fall asleep I’m sure. I just think his performance went over this guy’s head. Like I said on another post, you have to have an open mind when you go to his concerts.

  4. Wow. I hope he wasn’t high during his show. He might be crazy but I expect more from him when it comes to his shows.

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