Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna Get into Shade War over Tyga?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyga is reportedly dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, and while the rapper has tried to deny the alleged romance plenty on social media and in interviews, Kanye outed both and said they are in “love.”

Before Kylie, there was Blac Chyna, and she’s been relatively silent about the messy situation. Interestingly enough, she may be addressing things via a shade war with Kylie on Instagram.

Page Six writes:

It all started on Tuesday night when the 26-year-old model posted a picture of her glitzy watch — one nearly identical, if not entirely so, to the one Tyga gave her back in 2013.

While the post may have seemed innocuous to some, Jenner, 17, appeared to respond to it with a selfie of herself wearing a similarly glam timepiece hours later, with the caption, “Currently.”

As should come as a surprise to no one, Blac Chyna wasn’t about to take that lying down, and responded in kind, with a sexy 4-post photoshoot on Wednesday.

In the four images, the not-at-all demure model strikes a number of provocative poses in a pair of red sequined hot pants.

If Blac Chyna hoped that the photos — one of which was captioned “MILF” – would silence her fellow combatant, she was wrong, as Jenner soon posted a meme voicing her possible discomfort with the situation.

“When god wants you to grow, he makes you uncomfortable,” the post, a re-gram from French Montana, read.

Tyga’s ex didn’t ease up, though, following the teenager’s post with a meme of a crying woman with the words, “When you almost died during round one and he ask if you ready for round two.”

Jenner, of course, couldn’t let that go without a response, posting a picture of herself surrounded by photographers, seemingly professing her love for her 25-year-old boyfriend in a since-deleted post.

“This love Is FOREVER!.. Alright goodnight instagram. 6:30am call time,” she wrote alongside the image.


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  1. White Chyna needs to sit her little a-s down somewhere. As my mother would say…”her piss ain’t even froth yet!”

    1. i keep tellin these sistas stop fuccin with these nonblack chicks cause they only wanna latch on to us to get wit our niyggas….

  2. If Kylie don’t sit her lip drawing, young THOT a-s down somewhere. Chyna doesn’t want her muskrat looking boo anymore. Been there, done that whore.

  3. Kylie is going to be just like Kim when she grows up. You can already see it. I think that’s the saddest thing about all this right after Tyga dating a 17 year old.

    1. Yep. She’s Kim, Jr. She’ll be breaking up more relationships and getting multiple plastic surgeries in the near future. I also see more rappers in her future.

  4. Chyna is dating a NBA player. And has been for about a month. Kylie is so paranoid a real beauty is going to come back and take her ex back that she’s stalking Chyna’s IG account. That’s what happens when you break up relationships. You have to keep looking over your shoulder hoping that karma doesn’t come back around for you.

    1. Thank you. I don’t even think Chyna was trying to shade. She was just showing off her stuff on IG like she always does. Kylie is the petty one in all of this. Chyna can’t even post anything on her account without this obsessed teen trying to start some nonexistent beef.

  5. If Kylie wants to be grown, she needs to get a grown a-s whooping. I know the slut gene is strong with these girls but she has some f-cking nerve. Chyna was minding her damn business.

  6. I’m so confused. So Kylie decides to start watching Chyna’s Instagram page now? I guess being insecure runs in that entire family.

  7. Oh Kylie please. Talking bout what they have is going to last forever like she isn’t related to Kim’s tramp a-s.

  8. Why is Blac Chyna wasting her time shading this child it’s your baby daddy who is the real disgusting loser.

  9. I’m not sure why some of y’all are just coming for Chyna. Kylie shades Chyna all the time. It’s a daily thing. She’s obsessed with Chyna. All the over lip drawing, emphasis on trying to make it look like she has a booty…colored wigs/weaves etc. is her attempt to be just like her. She’s basically trying to morph into the white version of Chyna because she is scared Tyga sees Chyna as more attractive. And I’m not giving Kylie a pass in any of this. If you need any proof of what kind of person she is, look at who she is related to.

  10. Chyna has moved on y’all. She doesn’t want Tyga anymore. Let’s talk about him constantly liking Chyna’s pictures on Instagram though. Now that’s the real tea. That little girl is scared her 25 year old boo wants that old thing back. Lol.

  11. Maybe I’m slow but how was Chyna being messy? She never acknowledges any of this stuff. I think she is taking all of this better than anyone. I think Kylie overreacted and the fact that she is so insecure means something. Maybe she doesn’t feel so confident about their “love” like she wants people to think. Either way, Chyna seems unbothered.

    1. I hope she moved on too. Tyga has shown her he’s not a catch in any shape or form. She can do so much better once she realizes her worth.

  12. Dysfunctional situation all around. And I do agree with the posters who said Kylie is the next Kim. Sadly I’m thinking her sex tape debut isn’t far away. She’s 17 going on 34.

  13. Oh goodness this is like one of the most ratchet situations of all time. If I was Chyna, I’d just block Kylie and keep it moving. She’s a spawn of Kris Jenner. She is already doomed.

  14. It’s funny to see Kylie try to be an internet gangsta. Especially when she will just switch Tyga out for some other rapper when she becomes legal. Even though I do have to wonder why she dumped Jaden Smith (someone with REAL connections and money) for a flop like Tyga. She downgraded like hell. But I’m sure her pimp will school her on how to upgrade soon like she did Kim.

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