Nicki Minaj Responds to Critics of Her Relationship with Meek Mill

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj shocked her own barbs when she confirmed her on and off romance with Safaree Samuels ended and she even took shots at him on her Twitter account.

Despite the end of a 12 year romance, Nicki has since started dating Meek Mill, but even some of her own fans aren’t fond of the union.

After Safaree tweeted he misses her the other day, Nicki started getting backlash over her relationship with Meek.

She responded with the following:

nicki instagram

nicki instagram 2


    1. Thank you!! I love her but I can’t take Meek seriously. His track record with other women (including Rihanna) bothers me.

  1. Recently I listened to a song of hers I believe called bed of lies, if that song is any depiction of what went on in their relationship then she has every right to be happy without who ever, even if it’s duty bwoy Meek

    Their relationship wasn’t healthy

  2. She’s just mad people ain’t impressed. Why should we be? They are a struggle power couple. She needs to either get with someone on her level because neither Meek or SB are her equals.

    1. She like hoodlums, which is probably why she didn’t respect SB or put him on display. She was embarrassed that he did not have any street cred in a business where all these rappers claim they do.

      1. Makes sense. She’s going to have to grow the f-ck up though and realize street dudes don’t have anything to offer her besides a hard d-ck.

  3. Hating girl please smh. If anything her fans are are trying to warn her and give her some good advice because she out here looking like a damn fool being lovey dovey with the rebound guy who is obviously using her.

  4. That picture is perfect for this post because this was taken while Nicki was on her way to the Tidal press conference. Meek had to stay in the car the whole time. And that folks sums up their entire relationship. Lol.

    1. Not a Rihanna stan being bored by this happy couple. Are you mad your fave can’t keep a man or do you just think any woman who isn’t being an industry thot is boring?

  5. I’m liking her less and less because of this fake a-s relationship. Meek is a damn rebound. And she knows it.

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