Bow Wow Explains Why He Still Lives with His Mom

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bow Wow is set to marry Erica Mena this summer but the rapper reveals in a recent interview that he hasn’t quite moved out on his own just yet. In fact, he thinks continuing to live with his mom is the smartest thing he could ever do.

He tells PEOPLE:

“It just makes sense.

“First of all the house is too big, but I want to make sure my mom is comfortable forever.

“I remember when I first moved to Atlanta and Jermaine Dupree had the same situation. He took part of the house and his mom had the whole rest of it. I said then that I wanted to have the same set up.”


Bow Wow makes some interesting points. What are your thoughts?


  1. I’d usually clown his lil puppy a-s but this right here is smart. There’s a lot of wealthy families who do this.

    1. You’re so right. Rich people do this all the time. It’s a good way to save money and look out for each other. It also keeps wealth in the family. Now what’s more questionable is why he’s marrying Erica.

  2. I think it’s cool. But Erica is probably going to convince him to put her out. She’s playing nice now but she will probably change up on him when they get married.

    1. She could be a problem. But he’s so happy to have a puerto rican woman marrying him that he doesn’t seem to care about what bad could come out of it.

  3. Hmmm he’s actually providing for her though. Yeah I don’t think it’s a big deal. Especially if both of them have their own wings.

  4. The kind of money Bow Wow has made he should be able to buy his mother a house where she is comfortable and he have his own house. I’m just a big proponent of grown people living on their own unless financial struggle, the parent needs help or sick but that’s just me.

  5. Yes it’s not necessarily a bad thing but this is the same person who was struggling to pay child support like two years ago. His situation is a lot different from a real wealthy person’s. I think he has no choice but to do this because right now he can’t afford to buy his mom a house. But who wants to admit that?

  6. I think this is smart. He can save the money he would have had to spend to buy her a home and invest it instead. I’m considered cheap by my friends, but I’m trying to make sure I don’t have to work for the rest of my life. Maybe Bow Wow has the same plan.

  7. I think he has no choice. It ain’t like he has Jay Z money. He ain’t got it like that to the point he can be buying other people houses. But if he stays frugal, that could change.

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