Amber Rose Says Men Are Intimidated by Her

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose had some folks thinking a reconciliation between her and Wiz Khalifa could be in the works after they spent Easter together, but now she seems to think friendly co-parenting is all she’s going to get from her estranged hubby.

During a recent appearance on Kandi Koated Nights, she revealed she feels most men are intimidated of her:

“Umm I trying to date. I waited a long time for my husband to home and he just didn’t so no I’m trying to. Actually no one tried to I swear on my child no one tries to get with me. My phone is dry as f*ck. When men meet me they are very intimidated by me and via social media I mean I just put out a tweet the other night like, Yo how am I suppose to slide up in some DM’s if I don’t know who is following me.”

And she claims she hasn’t been on many dates as a result:

“I have been on two dates. Listen I am all about chemistry. If it’s not there its just not there. I’m not going to hold on to something that’s just not working.”


  1. Amber is a cute chick with mad sex appeal but she carries herself in a way that is a turn off to most dudes. It may not be fair, but when you’re always acting thirsty on IG, you can’t expect a man to take you seriously. We won’t. Is it sexist? Probably. But it is what it is. Wiz was her last chance.

  2. I think she thought men would be lining up at the door for her after Wiz but you can’t let IG likes blow your head up. Social media ain’t real life.

  3. I think we like to think men are intimidate by us when they don’t ask us out. But Amber has a lot of baggage right now. Is her divorce with Wiz even final? Maybe a lot of guys just don’t want to deal with her situation yet. I mean Wiz was just shading her on Twitter like a month ago.

  4. I doubt its intimidation. Some folks are fun to look at and even have fun with but you don’t want to take them home permanently…..
    Just maybe women of substance are coming back in 2015.

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