Erica Dixon & Bambi Shade Each Other on Twitter

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica and Bambi beef on Twitter? Now that Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy are no longer on civil terms as a result of Lil Scrappy allegedly not paying child support for their daughter Emani, things between the parents are getting so bad that it’s causing people close to both of them to meddle and choose sides.

While Momma Dee and Erica bumped heads plenty in the past, this time around Momma Dee is being respectful to Erica and she feels like it’s Scrappy’s responsibility to make things right.

Scrappy’s girlfriend Bambi is riding with her man, and she’s been in somewhat of a shade war with Erica on Twitter.

Erica got things in motion when she pretty much called Bambi a bird (read tweets from top to bottom):

erica dixon twitter

bambi twitter


    1. Well what else does she have? She has to get screen time some kind of way. Bambi is just playing the game.

  1. So Erica is a bitter baby mama for wanting Scrappy to pay child support? Erica’s right. Bambi is a bird.

  2. I see where this is going. I guess these two will be fighting on TV soon. Anyway last night’s episode wasn’t all that. I guess it’s because Joseline wasn’t on it.

    1. That’s exactly what it is. It just didn’t feel the same. But they did say she wouldn’t be in the first few episodes because she was suspended for fighting at the reunion.

  3. I’m sure Erica is salty towards her because she’s always taking Scrappy’s side when she doesn’t have the full story. That’s why you don’t get in business that doesn’t involve you. Smart women learn how to get along with the baby mama. It saves you a lot of drama that way.

  4. Bambi needs to have a seat if she ain’t making Scrappy child support payments it’s not her business. Scrappy really disappointed me last night he seems so nonchalant about paying child support. Oh and Mama Dee is messy it wasn’t Erica who said Bambi is distracting Scrappy that was Mama Dee she basically lied to Scrappy smh.

  5. But Bambi’s dumb a-s started it really by speaking on some sh-t she knows nothing about. That man ain’t paying child support and hasn’t been paying for years. He’s a f-cking bum. How the f-ck are you catching an attitude with Erica for asking you to contribute financially to your child’s well being? Scrappy ain’t sh-t. Neither is Bambi.

  6. Did anyone notice that Erica didn’t say that Mama Dee did. She said something about the Bam having her hoofs in scrappy. The. Scrappy went on about how she’s bitter but Erica really didn’t say anything negative

    1. I think most people know Erica isn’t bitter at all. That’s just what losers like Lil Scrappy what people to think to deflect from the fact that they aren’t paying child support like they’re supposed to.

  7. Momma Dee is being fake this season. She knows she doesn’t like Bambi like that, but when she sees her she’s all friendly to her.

  8. I don’t understand why Scrappy won’t pay child support. He has VH1 money coming in so what’s the problem?

    1. He thinks child support will cost even more than what he’s doing. Stevie said something similar like he buys all his kids clothes and shoes so he doesn’t feel the need to pay child support. It’s such bullsh-t.

  9. And Bambi is part of the thirsty gold digger club. She only got with Scrappy because Shaunie had enough sense to shoo her away from Basketball Wives. She’s such a leech.

  10. I like Erica but in some ways she’s a bird her damn self. If Scrappy isn’t paying child support, she shouldn’t have let him taste the kitty last year. And let’s not forget that bum she was dating last season. And why the hell did she let him rack up $50,000 in unpaid child support? She should have taken him to court a long time ago.

  11. Bambi has to side with Scrappy if she wants to stay on LHHA. She doesn’t have BBW to run back to anymore.

    1. Erica is so beautiful..Scrappy and any other man who don’t /won’t pay child support is a ‘d-ck’..Any woman with a man who won’t/don’t pay child support is just stupid.

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