Blac Chyna Shows the Receipts

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna has been taking shots at Kylie Jenner on social media something serious for the last couple of days, and she even dared Kylie’s family members to step up and say something.

Well Tyga decided to step up and get involved.

He basically told his ex in a subliminal tweet that she needs to let go and move on:

tyga twitter

Perhaps Tyga should have thought twice about defending his alleged 17-year-old girlfriend because it appears he’s the one who hasn’t really let go.

Chyna posted the following recent text messages from Tyga on her Instagram account after he tried to shade her:

blac chyna shows the receipts


  1. There it is. I knew there was a reason Kylie has been trying to morph into a white version of Chyna. She knows Tyga still wants her but he’s staying with her and her trashy family because it brings him fame. Not because he really cares about her. He’s an opportunistic pedophile.

  2. That’s why that lil thot been doing the most lately, cuz she knew he was trying to get back with Chyna. This is what happens when your fast a-s tries to break up a family….stupid b-tch!

  3. I knew it!! Tyga has been low-key liking a lot of Chyna’s pictures and one of his company accounts was tweeting pictures of Chyna like two days ago. He knows damn well Kylie will never be able to touch Chyna when it comes to looks. Kylie can paint the entire Mac counter on her face but she will never be beautiful. She looks too much like Bruce.

  4. This is what those tramps like to do. They send their men (puppets) to do all their dirty work because they are too cowardly to defend themselves. But this time it backfired. Tyga nor Kylie thought Chyna would do this. I’m glad she did. Now no matter how much they try to shade her and how bad Kylie tries to become her, it’s obvious where he really wants to be. If Kylie wasn’t famous, he wouldn’t be with her. I think she is starting to realize that too hence her becoming a sex kitten recently.

  5. Duh of course he’s bored with the 17 year old future porn star. I’d take Chyna over Kylie any day.

  6. We’ll Kylie wanted to be grown, well welcome to adulthood girl. This is how a lot of men get down. They smile in your face and blow your ego up having you think you’re the baddest chick on the planet, but they are trying to smash the ex when you’re not around. Kylie has a lot to learn. She thought she was grown, but she’s just a wannabe who can’t even handle real life.

  7. And Kylie was just thinking she was hot sh-t on Instagram a few hours ago. Girl sit your basic a-s down somewhere. You ain’t even cute without all your cat fishing makeup on. She looks like an old white man without the mac. Basically like Bruce.

  8. Busted! It’s just not Tyga’s week huh lol. I hope y’all heard how Jamie Foxx blasted him for trying to talk to his daughter.

  9. I know Kris is so mad right now and thinking about how dumb Kylie was to dump Jaden for that 25 year old pervert! Kylie’s stock has been going down ever since. We went from Kylie and Kendall being the only two we can tolerate to not liking Kylie just as much as we don’t like Kim. That ain’t gon be good for business. Crazy!

  10. Did y’all catch what she named him in her phone though? Yeah, she done with him. I think that tweet was the last straw for her. Good for her.

  11. He totally deserved this. He tried to make her seem worthless and not wanted on Twitter when he’s really trying to get back together with her. I hope she never goes back to him. He can’t be trusted.

  12. I bet he sent her those texts because he was getting nervous she was moving on with someone else. He’s the typical selfish a-shole.

  13. She tried to warn them. Tyga should have stayed out of it. Now he will have to explain this to his underaged girlfriend. I bet he will lie and say something like he didn’t text that or it’s Photoshop.

  14. And she’s the one who curved him. LOL. Priceless. Kylie she doesn’t want your ugly a-s man. He wants her.

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