Ciara Got Out Just in Time

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara has been very busy promoting her upcoming studio album “Jackie,” and although she’s extremely been busy considering the album drops next month, it appears her love life has been rather interesting too.

As we reported recently, Ciara is rumored to be dating Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson, and although neither have confirmed they are an item just yet, his constant blushing at the mention of her at a recent press conference is a good sign things are going pretty good.

Interestingly enough, Future has halted shading Ciara on Instagram and it looks as if he’s back to kicking it with his baby mama Brittni.

She posted the following on Instagram a couple of days ago:

future baby mama instagram


    1. Of course she’s proud. In her mind this was some sick contest for a dirty p-nis. I’m go glad Ciara moved on.

  1. Some THOTS are ok with being the one c–chie that will never close to their child’s father. I’m sure he calls Brittni when he has no one else to f-ck in Atlanta. Some baby mamas are dumber than others.

    1. Yep i knew she still had feelings for him. She was arguing with Ciara i think on twitter. This is typical my exes baby mamam took him back after he told her off over the phone for me AND after he dragged her name through the mudd some bishes are just dumb!!

  2. Pretty concerned for the future (no pun intended). Social media has people out here bragging on unhealthy relationships and showing off bums as if they’ve won a prize. And most of these folks are parents! Ugh.

  3. I’m starting to think this man wakes up everyday and picks which baby mama he’s going to entertain for the day. It’s up to them to wake up and stop letting him do this. Ciara woke up but when will the others?

    1. It seems that way. But I’m sure all these women are doing is stroking his ego. It’s disgusting.

  4. And she looks like a damn fool. All that sh-t she talked about how he did her wrong, how he left her when he got put on, how he wasn’t taking care of his son and she right back with him.

    1. That’s how you know it was never really about that with her. The real reason she was mad is because he was with Ciara and not her. Now she left him, and Brittni is back to being a happy member of the harem again.

  5. So was this supposed to hurt Ciara because I don’t think she cares. She could still be part of the rotation if she wanted to be but she has some sense now. Brittni is a fool.

  6. Brittni has been trying to get Future’s attention again for a while now. Earlier this month she kept tweeting about how she’s single again and looking for a real man blah, blah but I guess she got his attention again lol.

  7. Ciara doesn’t care. She’s getting ready to drop a new album and Russell is more of a man than Future will ever be.

    1. Hell ya Russel looks cute as hell blushing (although he might be thot since all athletes seem this way i’m no fool). Ciara better not go back into rotation with his other baby mamas!!

  8. Some women have no shame or pride. I would not allow a man to keep going back to my bed when he feels like after he treated me like trash.

  9. It’s always funny when a chick tries to make you jealous when you’re the one who sent her ex back to her because you realized you can do better.

  10. He’ll be broke and irrelevant even more so in a few years. Will his baby mama still want him then? Will he still be a prize then? Hmm…

  11. Man when we get over a man, we’re done. Brittni clearly isn’t trying to ever get over Future. Oh well. She can have him. Ciara doesn’t want him.

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