David Banner Has a Message for Women

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper David Banner always speaks his mind on important issues that affect the black community, and now he has some words for women when it comes to dealing with men.

Coco Fab writes:

Banner is currently under fire for suggesting how women should carry themselves in order to command respect from men. He said, “If you want a man that respects the way you think then show more mind than a*s.” The post was retweeted over a thousand times and was the onset of a debate in which Banner had to defend his stance to critiques. “…If I want to shake my a*s, I’ll do as such. And no man as the right to disrespect me because of it.” Said @AbstractBeautee who continued, “…because my a*s & my strong mind is a package deal. You can’t respect one thing while disrespecting the other.”

Another one of Banner’s tweets which has ignited Twitter says, “If you cater to the savage qualities of a man why are surprised that he continues to be savage. That is how you got him.” To which one of his critiques,@FemmeDeLaFem replied, “…that is such lazy logic especially when ur out here fight for black men’s humanity then turn around and say they have salvage qualities”

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  1. As much as I respect him, I think he suffers from the same Misogynistic brainwashing as most men. Why can’t we start stressing for men to respect women because it’s the right thing to do? Instead, we teach little girls that it’s their duty to prove to a man why they deserve to be respected. We have to stop coddling our men.

    1. The blatant fact is: Men control the world, but WOMEN control men! Women control the world INDIRECTLY! Women can end humanity if you so choose, please stop submitting your power to men unless they are worthy. He is saying men do what women allow them to do. Men are more dominant than women physically, that is ALL. WOMEN ARE THE KEY TO CIVILIZATION!

  2. Sigh…I get so tired of hearing this. This is no different than telling women if they don’t want to be raped, to cover up. It’s time to start holding men responsible.

  3. You can bait with your mind but if all he wants is a-s then that’s what he’s going to see. We are not in control of other people’s actions.

  4. Those responses in the article were on point. I love it when women get these sexist men together. They think they are spilling some knowledge but all they’re doing is spreading the woman blaming agenda we’ve been taught for generations. Being deep is learning to think outside what we’ve been pushed to think.

  5. I understand what he is saying and I agree BUT the conversations shouldn’t just stop with women just like he called out women he should have called out men as well and said what they need to do to become better men. Women are held to such high standards but men need to be held to those same standards. The conversation should not stop at just women men have to own their flaws too.

  6. Women are always expected to be the backbone of the human race. Especially black women. It’s on us to do everything. But then black men turn around and say they are supposed to be the head of the household. Well you can’t have both. If they want to be the head, they are going to have to start taking responsibility for the things they do and stop blaming us for their bad behavior.

  7. If only it was that simple. You can walk out the house looking like Michelle Obama dress wise, and you will still meet a lot of men who only want to sleep with you. You can carry yourself like Michelle Obama, and still attract bums. I had a girlfriend who was really into church, waiting on marriage…celibate all that and men told her she was too good and too pure to date. They didn’t want to talk to her because she wasn’t going to sleep with them. Frankly put they wouldn’t date her. It took her 5 years to meet her husband.

  8. It’s more to it than what a woman wears. It took me years to learn the difference between a good man and a little boy. A good man isn’t out here looking for excuses to dog out a woman and sleep around. I’m disappointed in these tweets.

  9. Do I think women should respect themselves? Yes. But we can’t give men a pass for being disrespectful to women. We have to teach them to do better.

  10. If a man ain’t sh-t, he is going to be ain’t sh-t whether I show my a-s or not. What kind of logic is this? LOL.

  11. I honestly don’t think I should have to demand respect from any man. That respect should automatically be there until I give him a reason to think/act otherwise.

  12. His tweets were kind of true though. I mean dogs will be dogs, but they do seek out who they perceive to be easy.

  13. I don’t understand why when a man decides to share his thoughts.

    We as women always want to know what a man is thinking. Well soon as he tells us we shut him down.

    1. Exactly, my interpretation of what he was saying is….Black women are strong queens…we don’t need to show our a-s, all we have to do is wake yo in the morning and we are beautiful…..Hollywood has given us a image and we have ran with it….the white man can’t have a black woman so he used movies videos to sculpt and satisfy his peversion….proof….who finances ratchetness? In my head it’s equivalent to flying drugs into the hood to destroy the strength of the black family….and he has been very successful….sink on that.

  14. As a woman you want to scream feminism. That what a man can do we can we are equal. However, we are not. We are strong. We but we cannot exist without our other half. Or there would be no one here. Mr. Banner is simply saying carry yourself with respect. Our vidies are a temple. If we allow or show ever man what is sacred, yes our bodies are sacred, then be ready to be used for just that. A man does not want what every other man can see or touch. Just as a woman should not want a man who goes out and messed with every woman he sees. We as a species are made to fit perfectly with one other soul. God is our leader. He took woman from the man side to be protected. That’s a symbol that we need someone stronger to care for us. Not from a mans foot to be walked on. But how can a man not treat a woman in a certain way not to be trampled if we do not give him reason. A man does not want to have a family with a woman who has been around he world. Yes, our assets at first glance are what attracts a man to us. But, show just enough to keep a courious mind. This way he respects what he can’t see while learning to live your mind. To get to know the real woman. Her strength and insecurities. The love she has for him and how he can count on her to lift him up. Give him purpose and push him to do better and be a better man. Not allow him to just use his savageness to survive this world

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