Legal Troubles: Floyd Mayweather Sued by Baby Mama + Miguel Finally Sued for Performance Blunder

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Floyd Mayweather is still celebrating his win over Manny Pacquiao, however, the celebration is being soured because his baby mama Josie Harris just slapped him with a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

TMZ writes:

Josie Harris, who has 3 kids with Floyd, claims he lied through his teeth in an interview with Katie Couric just 2 weeks before the big fight … when he claimed Josie was in a drug-fueled rage and he had to “restrain” her during their infamous 2010 domestic violence incident.

Point of fact … Floyd was convicted of domestic violence and spent two months in jail.

Josie recounts her terror in the lawsuit, explaining how she and Floyd had broken up … but he flew into a jealous rage that night, broke into her home and viciously attacked her while she was sleeping on her couch … and her kids saw part of the beating.

Harris says she is now labeled a drug addict thanks to Mayweather’s lies — and was embarrassed and humiliated on a global scale.

Her lawyer, Dan Friedlander, writes in the lawsuit — Floyd’s lies to Couric “were knowingly fabricated in order to hype Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Pacquiao, to avoid bad press by deflecting responsibility for beating the mother of his children.”


Josie is suing for $20 million.

In more legal troubles news, R&B singer Miguel is finally being sued for that accidental drop kick he gave a fan during his performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

TMZ writes:

Miguel won’t be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of his disastrous Billboard Music Awards performance — unless he wants to raise a glass to the fan who’s suing him for crash landing on her in Las Vegas.

One of the women who claimed to be injured during Miguel’s infamous failed stage leap has finally lawyered up — and in her lawsuit, Cindy Tsai says she took the brunt when Miguel came up short and landed on her head. She says her cabeza met the catwalk … hard.

Tsai is suing Miguel — as well as the MGM Grand Hotel, where the event was held — for negligence and is seeking damages to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Another woman had considered suing for the incident … but it looks like she never did.


Speaking of Miguel, he just dropped a new track a couple of days ago. Check out “Coffee (F*cking)” below:


  1. Floyd was wrong for lying though and try to make it seem like Josie was crazy when he knows he was abusive. But as rich as he is supposed to be, he can afford chump change like 20 mill right? LOL.

  2. Is this the same baby momma sitting rings-side at the fight? Probably hoping he wins to cash in lol.

  3. Wow I thought Miguel wasn’t going to ever get sued because it was taking so long. He should have paid that woman’s doctor’s bills and just been done with it when it first happened.

  4. Floyd has all this success but he’s really an idiot when it comes to his personal life. He makes too many bad decisions.

  5. Damn Floyd. Why did he lie? There’s nothing he can say to fix his image at this point. He was better off not even talking about it.

    1. I’m sure his PR team told him to deny it and make Josie seem like a nutcase. He just didn’t think she would turn around and sue.

    1. Exactly. He could have paid her bills when it first happened. That is so messed up of him.

  6. 20 mil Josie please. Does she deserve some money she probably does deserve a couple of mil but 20 mil girl bye. My problem with Josie is she will speak out against and sue Floyd and call him the worst person on the planet but will still be sleeping with him.

  7. Floyd is too dumb to understand multiple baby mamas, and lawsuits can dry up all his bank accounts over time. Laila Ali said he was a broken little boy who needs better advisors around him and I agree with her. He’s stupid as f-ck.

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