Ciara Says She’s Done Dating Bad Boys + Album Sales Projections Revealed

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is dating NFL star Russell Wilson, and many think it’s a very good upgrade from Ciara’s last beau, Future.

Interestingly enough, Ciara seemingly tells Hot 97 that she’s done dating bad boys.

She says:

“In life for me, everything is about timing. And again, I’ve been able to have my experiences and learn from them … I mean, I don’t know that’s all I can really say…I’ve always had this thing for a rebel and the street boy. That’s always been my thing…sometimes you see things at a certain time period. And I don’t wanna make it sound like I’m against anyone that I’ve been with in my life because I have nothing bad to say about anybody — I think everything in your life is based on timing…I don’t have any regrets in my life. Every person I’ve been with in my life, I was supposed to. One day at a time, with everything.”

Check out the video below. The Russell talk gets interesting at the 6:00 mark.


In related news, the albums sales projections for Ciara’s new album “Jackie” have been released. And the projections aren’t good.

via Hits Daily Double:

Mumford & Sons will debut at #1 on both our sales and SPS charts next week with their highly electric Wilder Mind. Here are this week’s key debuts:

Mumford & Sons (Glassnote) 245-265k albums, 265-285k SPS
Now 54 (NOW) 70-75k, 70-75k
Tech N9ne (Strange Music) 55-60k, 60-65k
My Morning Jacket (Capitol) 25-28k, 27-30k
Chris Stapleton (Mercury Nashville) 21-24k, 23-25k
Ciara (Epic) 19-22k, 21-24k


  1. Ciara won’t ever sell well again until she gets back to her roots. She has to put out dance tracks and get back to showing off her dance skills. I Bet was not single worthy. Especially not first single worthy.

    1. It has to be. I think it’s why she’s touring now. She’s trying to pay back the label what she owes before they drop her.

  2. And the flopping continues. Where’s that Ciara stan who kept coming for the Navy? Ghost now huh? LMAO

    1. I ain’t ghost. I bought Ciara’s album and it’s better than the trash Rihanna has been putting out this era. You shade Ciara for flopping but can’t even admit your fave is flopping as we speak. No one even cares about any of the songs she’s released since FFS. BBHMM and AO didn’t even stay in the top 40. And Beyonce can’t even dress but even she outdid Rihanna at the Met Gala. Rih came out there thinking she ran the show looking like a nasty a-s omelet. She looked so ridiculous that there had to be hundreds of memes dragging her. I never thought I’d see the day of Bey upstaging Rihanna in fashion. I’ll be back on here when her first week numbers come out. You know, when she stops being afraid to release her album. Tell her to stop ducking the flop that awaits her.

      1. Don’t bring Beyonce into your bullsh-t. She doesn’t need to be a fashion icon when she’s been running the music industry as long as she has. When you’re a boss and a bad chick, you can afford to wear whatever you want no matter who doesn’t like it. I know that’s hard to grasp when you stan for lessers like Karrueche Tran. Now, move along.

      2. I’m not going to drag Ciara because you’re an idiot. But you need to get a life ASAP.

      3. Beyonce can’t dress girl please did you not see her shut down the fight looking flawless. She got more attention than that lame a-s fight.

      4. DAMN!!!! lol..
        Tell ’em why you mad son!?

        I dont understand how people defend folks they will probably never EVER meet in life. You acting like she is your fam. lmao
        Ciara sucks!! point blank PERIOD. She will never be the “goodies” chick she was back in the day. She is very beautiful, maybe she should try modeling or something..

        1. But you hating so hard on Ciara and for what???? You are such a contradiction. You coming at her for stanning for someone she doesn’t know but you saying Ciara sucks and don’t know her either. What exactly does she suck at? It can’t be life because she’s living a great one. She is living out her dreams whether she sells or not. So I say you suck and so does your raggedy arse opinion. Music is an art from, a way to express yourself and Ciara is doing what many wish they could. Your simple mind probably can’t comprehend that because you rather just hate on Ciara. Come Get your life honey. I’m bout to send it back to you.

          1. ummmm….Ciara is that you? lol.. you suck as much as anyone to take it so personal.. Internet thugs are funny. The lady has her right to comment on the story just like you do but you are attacking her pesonally. Seems to me like you are the loser who need to get your life.
            Why not??, I agree with you and all of the other people on here giving their opinion on her floppy career! sheesh.

          2. You are such a hater. Uggghhhh. I jus knew ya simple minded arse wouldn’t comprehend the message lol. It’s cute tho, you being so simple and all. Can’t be mad at a dumb arse. Hmph. Tryna act like you said something with that case closed ish. Your point exactly? You don’t even have ish worthy things to sell on EBay so sit all the way down please!

          3. Internet thug lmao. You are funny. Did I threaten her or imply that I would do any harm to her ???? Let me know captain save a h*e. Where anywhere in my comment did you get the perception of a thug. I guess everyone on here is an internet thug then since you all are making comments about a woman who If you saw in person you would be begging for pics an autographs. People make mean and corny comments about celebrities like they know what it takes to be in there shoes. Say some horrible things online because they envy these people. But in their presence act like a damn groupie. Gtfoh. You and Why not???

          4. Get out ya feelings boo! Like I said! GIRL bye! Go get your copy off of Groupon! lol
            Now you GTFOH!

  3. I like Ciara but I knew she would flop again. I mean we’re been talking more about her relationship than the actual music. That’s never a good sign. What she should do is fire her team and get back with Jazzy Phae.

  4. I don’t know if I really believe she’s done with dating bums. Heifer fell in love with Bow Wow for crying out loud.

  5. I’m happy for Ciara and Russell she seems very happy but I listened to the album and its terrible I like Ciara but I have to keep it real it’s not good. It’s like she is still searching for her sound. Once again promotion for the album was horrible no good singles. I blame Ciara because she just said in a interview she controls her career and her singles so its all on her. Another flop for an album smh she needs to copy everything she did for her first 2 albums go get Jazze Pha and Sean Garrett cause she need it bad man she needs help she still is trying to find her sound.

  6. It goes to show you people can be on the blogs all day long and have millions of followers, and people still won’t buy your album.

  7. Ciara is going to have to rethink what she’s doing. She keeps trying to get into that pop lane and it ain’t meant for her. She needs to go back to R&B and get back to making us dance. People won’t support her again until she does.

    1. This! Her first two albums were R&B and they were great albums and its like she moved away from it and she been messed up ever since. Ciara lane was like R&B dance and she was killin it.

  8. If she doesn’t want to team up with Jazzy again, she can always go back to the sound she had on Evolution. That was good for her too.

  9. I just saw her MJ tribute on IG and it was so good. She has so much talent but she has to start making better career decisions. I think she’s not making the right music for her.

  10. I’m going to give this chick some free advice because she’s likable and sweet. She needs to part ways from LA Reid, and move back to ATL and give these young producers a shot. They know the sound radio likes. Atlanta is the place right now as far as music is concerned. While she works on her new music in ATL, she needs to start doing putting up some YouTube videos of herself doing some mean choreography. She has to remind people how great she is as a performer. This will accomplish that and keep people talking about her. She can put out a new video once a month and even open a dance studio to make some good pocket change. Her next album needs to be nothing but dance tracks. If she’s going to do a slow song, it has to be like Promise or Body Party. Slow songs people can dance too. And she needs to pull a Beyonce and make a music video for every song and she has to kill the choreography in every single one. I guarantee you if she does all of this her sales will go up tremendously next time. And she needs to keep dating Russell too.

  11. So she’s done with bad boys now after one knocked her up and publicly embarrassed her. Sounds about right. No wonder good guys finish last.

  12. I’m blaming her stans. They cape so hard on Twitter and IG but don’t come through when it matters. These numbers are embarrassing. While they were flooding Future’s IG with those football emojis they should have been putting their coins together to buy this album. That’s the problem with this stan culture. People stan just to fit in. But they don’t really want to support people when it counts.

  13. she should have stuck with the crunk and b music she was doing. She got cocky and wanted to leave it and become pop and she’s been flopping ever since.

  14. Ciara isn’t a bad artist and I think she is very under8ted as a musician and as a performer.Its disappointing rejections for her team but I mean even Mariah Carey’s last album was a dud.I think music lovers should broaden they’re horizons a lil and support other artist except Bey and Rih.I love a lil bit of everyone so I’m not here to stan or troll anyone,all I’m saying is we need appreciate art for what it is and stop comparing artist

  15. It’s time for new management and she needs to stop working with LA Reid. They don’t know what they need to do with her and it’s obvious she needs to go back to the Baby Janet path she was on at the beginning of her career. This album should have been nothing but dance tracks.

  16. Stop blaming her team. She is the cause of her flopping. She wants to control, so they are probably sitting back and watch her sink. Every time she puts out a new album she has a new man, sigh.

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