Miguel Says He’s Not Ready to Marry Girlfriend of Ten Years + Hints at Open Relationship

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Miguel’s new album “Wildheart” reportedly drops next month, and he stopped by Hot 97 to discuss his new music and his ten-year relationship with his girlfriend Nazanin Mandi.

When asked why he hasn’t popped the big question yet, Miguel says:

“You gotta know who you are as a person, first of all. And I think I’ve come so far as a man, and I’m just starting to feel solid, where I feel I can hold this down legitimately. I think people now like throw things around like marriage. I just wasn’t raised like that.

“I don’t feel the pressure because I know that when I commit, I can really commit. Now it’s just thrown around because it’s so easy to break up. I’m not that kind of person. I’m just not…I wouldn’t do that to her and I wasn’t raised like that. I just don’t feel like that is honorable.”

Despite no proposal, Miguel says his girlfriend seems to understand his ways:

“Like I really am wild hearted. Like I’m wild at heart.

“I follow my instincts. And that’s what this album is about. And I think she’s learned that and she’s had to adjust, had to learn to embrace…and I love her for that.”

When Rosenberg asked Miguel if he sleeps with other women still, he answers:

“I just know I’m wild at heart, man.”


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  1. He’s an idiot. If he doesn’t realize that she drop dead gorgeous & amazing, he’s a fool. She should find someone who will value her, not string her along while he does “him”. “He wasn’t raised that way” whet?! To make commit & be a man & grow the eff up? Ok…. tried it. Good luck to her, he clearly is a lame

  2. Miguel is the typical dude who gets the girl of his dreams only to treat her like she’s a dime a dozen. And when she smartens up and leaves him, then he’ll be in his feelings.

    1. Agreed. He better get it together before she gets tired and moves on. He is talking like he’s so confident she’s not going anywhere.

  3. On one hand I understand it because they were so young when they got together, but this man is 29 years old now and makes bank from song writing!!!!! He has no damn reason to be shacking up with this woman for over a damn decade. He’s established, so what is he waiting on?

  4. It’s always the couples that stunt the most for Instagram likes who have the most problems.

  5. I always cringe when he does interviews. He makes great music, but he’s very arrogant and ignorant. I’ll never forget those tweets he wrote about black people.

  6. Well there are men out here who will date a woman for 15 years if she lets him. Personally I feel if a man doesn’t propose by the fifth year, it may be time to move on if marriage is something you want.

  7. So he says marrying someone fast isn’t honorable but he thinks sleeping around is ok? Welp. Let me get on out of here.

  8. He is making the rules she is just blindly following along. Hope she does not look back to regret this

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