Karrueche Tran Wants to Separate Herself from Chris Brown

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran is getting pretty serious about her budding acting career, and Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend hopes she can eventually make a name from herself, separate from her superstar ex.

In a new interview with Big Boy, Karrueche claims she’s really hoping she won’t forever be known as Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend.

She says:

“Unfortunately people continue to tie us. I get it, but as I continue to grow and do more for myself, it will separate and I’ll be Karrueche, the actress.”


– Karrueche said quite a few rappers have been trying to get at her since the breakup, but she wouldn’t name names.

– Chris has never taken back a car from her, and she sold the car he gifted her a while ago. She has since purchased another car with her own money.

– She has no problems with Rihanna, and doesn’t understand why some people constantly compare them because Rihanna is a pop star.

– Her interview with Iyanla Vanzant wasn’t what she expected because Iyanla treated it like another episode of “Fix My Life.”


Check out the video below:


  1. Face it, she only gets opportunities because her name is tied to Chris. So she’ll keep talking about him, no matter how she fronts about the situation.

  2. She will always be known as Chris’ weak old girlfriend. And it must be nice to just wake up like two months ago and say you want to act and get the chance because you used to date Chris Brown. This girl is clueless. She wants to make her own name but literally was handed her whole career because of her affiliation to Chris.

  3. I don’t think she understands Chris and Rihanna are the only reasons she gets interviews. She will have to hook up with another famous person to stay relevant.

  4. Girl please she hitched her wagon to Chris to get to where she is might as well just accept it and keep it moving.

  5. She can only do so many interviews about this breakup before people stop caring. And that’s when she will either have to go back to Chris or find another baller to keep her in the news.

  6. If she does not want to continue to be tied to Chris Brown then she needs to stop talking to him completely. Set a “no Chris Brown questions” rule during any upcoming interviews. Let’s see how far that gets her. My guess is she would fade onto irrelevancy quicker than lightning. But her manager won’t let that happen, he’s the male version of Kris Jenner.

  7. She’s started to feel herself. She will never be a celebrity in her own right because she’s boring and has no talent whatsoever. She will have to get scooped up by another celebrity to keep this going if she doesn’t take Chris back.

  8. he’s only kissing her arse because she’s light skinned. if a dark girl had bags under her eyes so obvious he wouldnt be going so hard.

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