Watch: Lil Mama Drops ‘Sausage’ Music Video

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper, singer and dancer Lil Mama is back with some new music and the track is getting lots of praise on social media.

That Grape Juice writes:

The last few months have seen the net dominated by clips of music lovers taking part in the “Sausage” song game.

Never heard of it? Click hereif you’re over 18.

Now, the Hip Hop gem that is Lil Mama has jumped on the wave and recorded her very own version of the song complete with original lyrics and a music video waiting for your first look below.


  1. She’s so talented. I wish people would give her a chance. She’s better than 99% of the female rappers out now.

  2. She really could slay the game but people refuse to give her a chance because of that one time she got on the stage during Jay Z and Alicia’s performance. That was funny though. LOL.

    1. Yea lol I give lil mama credit because I would never show my face ever again after that. I still cringe watching her get on stage lol.

  3. She sampled everybody and their mother, and I think some of the lyrics are a little juvenile. But the beat is fire, and I forgot she how well she dances.

    But word is that there’s a petition out asking her to stop rapping, saying she’s a disgrace. A lot of people don’t like this song.

    1. Why the hate? Majority if not all rappers, singers, playwriters, movie writers etc. sample from everyone. She gives the credit as well. Hell people even sample in college. As for a disgrace to rappers; I am pretty sure that Nikki is top contender to that. Nikki is the in thing now. But she too is a bubble gum rapper. PS, who are these people because I can too contend that a LOT of people like the song.

      1. I honestly think people hate on Lil Mama because they feel like it’s what they are supposed to do. Same thing with Ciara. The young lady is very talented.

      2. I’m definitely not hating at all. I think Lil Mama is really talented. I just think 5 or 6 samples from different artists in one song is too much. The song is all over the place to me. If we were talking about Iggy I’d agree with you but I don’t have an issue with Nicki….some of her stuff works for me some doesn’t *shrugs*

        I’ve been checking out the IG blogs all day, and she definitely does not have a lot of fans of this song.

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