Karrine Steffans Blames Lil Wayne’s Current Career Troubles on Christina Milian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne is currently dating Christina Milian, and the public romance hasn’t been without its fair share of drama. When Weezy isn’t spotted out in public with his on and off again fiancée Dhea, his former flame Karrine Steffans is taking shots at the relationship.

In a new interview, Karrine even blames Christina for Lil Wayne’s current career obstacles.

She tells Hot 97:

“It’s important that we pair ourselves with the right people. When I was with Wayne, I wrote my best stuff…When he was with me, he wrote his best stuff..When we surround ourselves with like bums, like losers or like has-beens, or people that are not hot, then our art becomes not hot….I don’t want you to be hanging out with not hot people and hanging out with me too….The formula has gotten mixed up somewhere.”

Karrine goes on to claim Lil Wayne’s career was hot when she was in the picture.

Check out the video below:


  1. Karrine is so full of herself. She’s a washed up video hoe for crying out loud. Her trying to call Christina a has been and absolutely hilarious considering she is a NEVER BEEN. She couldn’t even make the most out of those hoe tales she called a book. At least Christina was able to get a reality show.

  2. I wish d-ck mouth would mind her own irrelevant business. When one irrelevant tries to shade another irrelevant, it just doesn’t make sense. Neither one of them are Beyonce. Sh-t they ain’t even K Michelle. Time to be humble and sit the f-ck down.

    1. LMBO. In Karrine’s mind, she’s A List. But if she was white, she’d be where Kim K is right now. Let’s just keep it 100.

    1. Yea Karrine try to act like she’s not pressed about their relationship, but clearly she’s subliminally jealous.

  3. *blank stare* She talking like she a somebody that can be a benefit to Wayne’s career now granted Christina is a flop but hell she is a nobody who got her come up for giving head and running her mouth about it. Now if Christina is a flop, hasbeen,loser and a bum according to her what the f-ck is she then. Christina might be all that but she still aint on her level and if Christina is at level 0 this b-tch is in the negative. I cant stand Christina but even I can admit she did have some type of career once upon a time superhead so called claim to fame been s-cking d-ck for a living.

  4. When she was with him she wrote her best stuff? What stuff? Her hoe chronicles? I must have missed something…

  5. I’m confused she wrote her best what???? this washed up old hoe needs to get her life already. How long r u gonna b a fckn chicken head, thot??? She needs to be ashamed of herself….ain’t her son in HS or something….time to grow up and be a better woman, mother, person altogether. This bird shyt might’ve been cute when she was younger now it’s not…she ova there hating on other thots..like u had ur time…let the younger thots I.e: Christina have theirs

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