Raven-Symone Isn’t Backing Down

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Raven-Symone has been making headlines plenty as of late thanks to her controversial remarks about First Lady Michelle Obama, the Black Lives Matter movement, and even Rosa Parks.

Regardless of how much she gets slammed on social media for her views, the actress doesn’t plan on backing down from her opinions.

She tells the Hip Hop Socialite:

“I think the things that I’ve said, whether they came out wrong or right, whether my mind flubbed up words and said the wrong words at the wrong time, or whether I said them intentional, everybody has an opinion of their own, and I’m entitled to mine and other people are entitled to theirs. It depends on how you respond to it – if you respond with respect and a discussion, or you respond because you’re so angry. But I never said anything, hopefully, that I pointed fingers at a certain person; if anything, I pointed them at myself and how I felt. So that is kind of my answer to that.”


  1. She’s entitled to her opinions, and we are as well. And in my opinion, she will say anything for attention and it’s the reason why she’s on the View now. In about ten or fifteen years, we will read about her spazzing out on TMZ because eventually the shucking and jiving gets to people.

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