Bobby Brown’s Sister Calls out Pat Houston

Photo Credit: Lifetime
Photo Credit: Lifetime

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day multiple media outlets claimed Bobbi Kristina was being taken home to pass away peacefully in the presence of her family members, but Bobby Brown’s sister claims the report is false.

And in a lengthy Facebook post, she calls out Pat Houston and makes some serious allegations.

Leolah Brown writes:

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  1. But Pat was around Whitney when she passed. I’m sorry but I don’t think Whitney hated Pat. When she was alive, she kept her close and didn’t seem to see her snake ways. I’m just saying you’re going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth.

  2. Hold on now I think Pat is evil too, but the Browns loved her and participated in her money scheming ways gladly after Whitney died. They even agreed to do the reality show too so I don’t know why they are trying to pretend like they always hated her. That’s a lie. They were in on her scheming too well after Whitney’s death.

  3. I’m not about to read all of this I already knew Pat ain’t sh-t she been a dirty dog for a long time.

  4. Hell all of these people are snakes and are after Bobbi’s money to be real about it. I guess they are trying to argue over who is the worst like that sh-t matters.

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