Bobby Brown Isn’t Siding with His Sister on Pat Houston

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bobby Brown’s sister called out Pat Houston something serious the other day, but Bobby’s lawyers claims he isn’t against Pat and has been working closely with her to aid Bobbi Kristina.

E! News writes:

Bobby also issued a statement Friday. “Unless you hear it directly from me or through my attorney, do not believe any words attributed to me. I am making decisions with Pat Houston and we are working together for the medical care of my daughter. I do not have time for the frequent side shows that others choose to engage in almost on a daily basis,” the 46-year-old “My Prerogative” singer told E! News via his lawyer. “Right now we are focused on Bobbi Kristina’s medical prognosis and the criminal investigation. These are the priorities for us. Whoever had a hand in causing my daughter’s injuries needs to be brought to justice.”


  1. I think this family is so divided it’s just confusing now. The only thing I care about is Bobbi getting better.

  2. I’m done trying to understand this. One minute they say Pat is the devil. the next she’s family and they trust her. Smdh.

    1. that means that she is the devil but she’s smarter than everyone else and they gotta respect it. she got everybody by the balls. she got innate power and that’s all she needs (unfortunately). she’s the lesser evil because she got the smarts.

  3. I’m sorry I just find it weird how someone who has no blood ties to the family has so much say on what goes on. Pat isn’t even with Gary anymore and she’s still running the show.

  4. I still think his sister only said the truth. Bobby obviously knows he won’t win a war against Pat.

  5. Isn’t Pat sharing guardianship with Bobby? So he’s going to play the game as long as he has to until his lawyer can shut Pat down behind the scenes. I think his sister said everything he really wants to say but can’t until he can get Pat out of the way.

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