Memphitz Wanted by Police

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Memphitz made headlines recently because his marriage to Toya Wright has soured and his defamation lawsuit against K Michelle and VH1 was shut down.

But now sources claim the troubled former music executive is wanted by police.

The AJC writes:

A former music executive and reality television star is accused of pulling a gun at a north Fulton County car wash and demanding his marijuana be returned, police said Friday.

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, of Atlanta, had his white Jeep Wrangler cleaned Thursday afternoon at Club Corners Car Wash on Medlock Bridge Road, according to Johns Creek police. He paid the $30.50 charge and left, but he returned minutes later and demanded an employee return his weed, police said.

“Your life or my weed,” Wright said, according to the employee in the police report.

The employee told Wright he didn’t have the marijuana and Wright produced a pink and black handgun, according to the police report. Wright then spoke with the business manager and reviewed surveillance footage. Wright’s actions were also captured on the business cameras, police said.

Wright again left the business but returned, this time demanding the employee’s phone, witnesses told police. Another employee in the car wash called 911, but Wright was gone by the time officers arrived.


Memphitz has been charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery.


    1. You know she does but she will never admit it. She was so pressed to show everyone she was winning but she didn’t even vet him properly. But she married Lil Wayne too so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. LOL.

  1. This man is a certified psycho mikeo Kmichelle tried to warn people. Now where are all the so called people that called K crazy and Memphitz the sane person.*crickets*

    1. There’s no excuse for him being the way he is. If he’s still hurting from his father’s passing, he needs to get some therapy and work through it. Memphitz has been a monster now for way too long and it’s his choice.

  2. This is all kinds of crazy, but why was he also charged with robbery?? He paid for the I missing something here?

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