Simon Guobadia Seemingly Hints at Taking Away Porsha Williams’ Car + Porsha Responds

Porsha Williams RHOA Season 16
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Porsha Williams is ready to match Simon Guobadia’s pettiness.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is currently going through a messy divorce process with Simon Guobadia. To no surprise, the drama is playing out on social media. While neither has confirmed what led to the demise of the marriage just yet, Simon had become a fixture in the headlines for different reasons before their split. His attempts at becoming an American citizen failed. Simon tried to gain citizenship in 2022 but was denied. When he tried to overturn this in January, Simon’s past arrests and convictions were reportedly why a federal court in Atlanta, Georgia refused to overturn the denial of his US citizenship application.

Ahead of the new season of RHOA, Porsha and Simon’s divorce has been playing out in the press. Simon doesn’t want Porsha to film the show in his house. So he reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to the production company. Regardless, most fans are anticipating that Porsha will open up about what went wrong with Simon on the show since she departed before she and Simon tied the knot. In the meantime, Porsha may be done staying above the pettiness thanks to the recent alleged shade Simon threw her way. It all went down after Shamea Morton celebrated her husband gifting her a Rolls Royce recently for her birthday.

Shamea is confirmed to be a peach holder for Season 16.

Simon wrote, “Congratulations my good sis @shameamorton. I’m so happy for you. My brother Gerald has excellent taste in fine automobiles. Look forward to watching the only cast member with a RR 😂.”

When Porsha caught wind of Simon’s comment, she returned the energy.

She responded, “Simon don’t forget, and a debt-free husband who is a US citizen!! My bestie is winning  🙌. Welcome to rhoa Queen Mumbi!”

The messiest part of all is Simon gifted Porsha a Rolls Royce back in their happier times. So many suspect he may have taken the car back after Porsha filed for divorce.

Check out the screenshots here.


  1. Porsha wanted this man so badly just for him to treat her exactly how he did his other wives. Male identified women never learn.

  2. Apparently Porsha being used for citizenship is not the case because he kept being denied. Besides it would have been said if she was. It just didn’t work out so let’s just leave it at that.

  3. Simon can shut the f-ck up. Multiple women on RHOA have had RRs. And they didn’t need his fraudulent a-s to buy it for them. Kenya, NeNe, and Phaedra come to mind. Ugh Porsha had to be off her rocker to marry his catty a-s. I suspected he was lying about his wealth from day one.

    1. Obviously, you forgot that Portia chooses her men by the status they have, so she can get whatever they got. She married her first husband for the same reason, and that backfired on her. She quickly got engaged to Dennis when she found out he owned businesses, got pregnant, and found out he was cheating on her. Then she jumped on Simon not caring he was still a married man. And, the rest is history. Things don’t go well when your eyes are on what a man has, and not where his heart, and mind is!

  4. Simon’s got to be one messy man. Is he and Falyn trying to get back on the show? Simon can’t go to week without digging at Porsha about something, like he is so clean.

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