Bobbi Kristina’s Friend Talks About Her Alleged Abusive Relationship with Nick Gordon

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bobbi Kristina’s camp is suing Nick Gordon for allegedly abusing her during their relationship and even stealing her money, and now one of Bobbi’s friends is opening up about their controversial romance.

Alex Reid tells E! News:

“He was known to choke her. Throw her into walls. Punch her in the jaw. Just like unbelievable stuff.

“Obviously when the news first came out, it was shocking and it was a lot of tears. Tons of crying. I was just thinking it was a dream and praying that it was just somehow a rumor mill and I was immediately reaching out to her.

“Pretty soon after we met, she started telling me about the times he had been physically abusive. It just kept really escalating. It just kept getting worse and worse. “

Check out the video below:


  1. Why give an interview about this? Confirming what’s already known. Their relationship was toxic and abusive. Ok. I don’t place the responsibility of trying to get BK out of the situation on her, because BK was grown – but she should have more respect for her friend (especially considering her condition) and refrain from adding fuel to the fire.

  2. I knew this guy was no good. He’s an abusive leech and hopefully he goes to jail, if not financially ruined. Just so sad.

  3. I don’t know how I feel about her giving this interview when Bobbi is just days away from passing. But I guess the truth needs to be heard regardless. Nick will get his one day.

    1. People need to know the truth. Believe it or not, some people actually believed Nick cared about Bobbi Kristina.

  4. That is so sad….that she felt like no1 but her mom really loves her. It really breaks my heart cuz she is like the same age as my lil sis……u think ur grown and can handle grown situations at that age when u are still very much still very young and need guidance ….God knows all the crap I did at that age…..I can say that I came a long way……when u hit 25 things start to click in ur head about life, what ur parents been saying is actually true….and everything else….as far as her so called “friend” she should’ve said something or did something on behalf of her friend b4 is girl ended up in the bathtub not come out later on in the months after this girl been in a coma bcuz u was offered good rnuff money to talk…..SMFH bunch of lousy mf’s all around her

  5. This makes me so mad!! And what makes me so sick to my stomach is how Bobbi’s young followers used to praise their dysfunctional relationship all the time!!

  6. The whole time he was trying blame Bobby for everything he was actually hurting Krissy. I think I’ma be sick.

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