NeNe Leakes Finishes Talks with RHOA Producers Regarding Guest Appearances

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you NeNe Leakes made it clear she might make a few guest appearances on season eight of RHOA now that she’s no longer a full-time housewife, but it appears she’s decided not to grace the show with her presence at all.

TMZ writes:

NeNe Leakes made it clear to our photog … ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is on its own next season, because she will not appear at all … not even occasionally.

Producers floated the possibility of a reduced role for NeNe in Season 8, but she shot that down in a big way Wednesday at LAX.

The buzz is that the show is in trouble without her. NeNe seems to agree.


NeNe also says that if it was about the money for her, she would have stayed. When it comes to season eight, she’s not making any guest appearances, but guest appearances on future seasons is a possibility.


  1. I can’t really blame Nene for not coming back why should she bail them out? RHOA is in big trouble and they deserve every bit of it from bad producers to wrong casting choices and it’s all catching up with them. Regardless if Nene was coming back or not I was done with RHOA when they took Porsha’s peach away then bringing Claudia on just to antagonize Nene I was done. Half the cast members have no storylines and are beefing with the other just to stay relevant nope RHOA is a sinking ship and Nene jumped off just in time.

  2. Not good. Bravo better find a decent replacement or it’s going to be bad. I don’t know if Kim Fields can do it.

  3. Yes bye. I’m just hoping its more interesting. WithThe forced Claudia stuff n Nene being over it all ( I didn’t miss an episode tho) it was kinda blahhh, it was idk jus I don’t wanna say but boring. 1 thing I will say is .. I love Kenya but she needs to BRANG it and go to the hood n find us another ghetto fabulous loud mouth sheneneh… No ones irreplaceable. Lol

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