Watch: Rihanna Releases Very Controversial ‘BBHMM’ Video

Photo Credit: YouTube/Instagram
Photo Credit: YouTube/Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna will be dropping her eighth studio album sometime this year, and in the meantime the singer has folks talking plenty about her new video for “BBHMM.”

The video is bloody and pretty controversial.

Rap-Up writes:

Don’t mess with Rihanna. The record-setting superstar exacts revenge in the dark and deadly video for “B*tch Better Have My Money.” In the cinematic clip, which she co-directed with Megaforce, the bad gal goes gangsta and kidnaps a rich white lady in an elevator before carrying out her sinister plan. With the woman topless in the back seat, RiRi drives through the desert with her two female henchmen.

They charter a ship and get high and drunk in a motel room with their kidnapee by their side, but in the end, it turns out that the “b*tch” is Rihanna’s accountant (the kidnapee’s husband), who’s been spending her money on strippers and alcohol. She ties him up and brandishes a knife before unleashing a bloodbath. Rihanna wakes up the next day in the suitcase, totally n*ked and covered in blood and money after the cruel and unusual punishment.




  1. I stayed up to see it and I’m disappointed. I’ll brace myself for the Navy coming for me, but this video is trash. You can tell all she wanted to do was shock people, but it’s way too dark and I don’t have to ever see it again. And the song is still not her best. I don’t know what’s going on this era but it’s been one disappointment after the next.

    1. How is it trash, because you don’t like it? This is a Quentin Taratino type of video. It’s well done and some of her best art to date. And the fact that it’s all her ideas makes it even better. She is really growing as an artist.

      1. Art and Rihanna should never be put in the same sentence together. And what growth are you speaking of? She still sounds like a battered goat in all of her songs.

        1. I’m willing to bet you like some flop artist or nobody and you’re taking your frustration of your fave’s flopping/failure at life out on Rihanna. Y’all are always so transparent. Y’all hop on here and come for Rih but your fave is someone like Ciara or Christina Milian or Karreuche.

          1. Well Ciara actually has talent, Christina Milian sings better than Rihanna and Karrueche keeps y’all bothered without doing much so what’s your point?

          2. You stan for a singer who can’t sing and a woman who has to constantly be naked to get any kind of buzz for her “music”. What does that say about you?

      2. u fallin right into the trap. meanwhile artists like taylor swift are allowed to not demean themselves. if most of us think like you we will remain bottom feeders. u just dont get it.

        1. Rihanna’s stans are too stupid to see it for what it is. They’re programmed to like everything she does no matter how trashy, vulgar and mediocre it is.

  2. Now I f-ck with Rih the long way but this is some f-cked up sh-t. It’s like Precious for me. It’s the kind of sh-t you only have to see once. The ending..

  3. I think people were expecting some pop and kiddy friendly video but that wouldn’t even make sense considering the actual song. But I love it.

    1. No, people were expecting a quality music video since she’s promoted the hell out of this premiere. And you can’t blame them for being underwhelmed. But me? I knew it would be a waste. Just like 99% of the music she puts out.

      1. Rihanna is the only artist to accumulate more than and 100 million gold and platinum song certifications. So obviously most people don’t think her music is trash. You tried though.

        1. Michael Jackson says hello from the grave. Just because Roc Nation puts out fake stats doesn’t mean anything. There’s no way Rihanna has sold more singles than MJ, Janet and Whitney Houston. Get out of here.

          1. It’s funny how everyone’s stats are legit except Rihanna’s. So salty and pressed. LOL.

          2. Y’all are the same fan base who claimed Rihanna’s Loud is the highest selling album of the decade like Adele didn’t go diamond. Y’all lie and love to pretend Rih is on the same level of legends. It’s laughable.

  4. I’m not feeling it. I think she had a good concept for the video but it just didn’t translate into a good video.

  5. Some of y’all are so dramatic. It’s only two black women doing the mainstream thing and winning right now so why put either of them down?

  6. Absolutely loved it! Very Quentin Tarantino-esque and the fact that she created the concept and co-directed speaks to her growth as an artist. Love that the song, and the concept meshed so well with what happened in her personal life. Killing the accountant in the end must’ve felt awesome after the fact that her real one nearly bankrupted her a few years ago. Brilliant job, brilliant video….hope it wins for best video of the year.

  7. Ummmm… kudos to her for taking the reins on this. That’s a big deal for her and I applaud that. I don’t care for the video tho. I get the lyrics and how they tie into the video, but I actually love this song – and when I’m out enjoying friends and libations and turn completely up when this comes on, this isn’t the vibe/mood I’m in. So artistically speaking, I guess it’s fine. But from the perspective of enjoying what I watched? Meh.

  8. Didnt like it loves most of her stuff but wasnt feeling this first and last time watching this

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