Nick Gordon Claims Substance Abuse is Cause of Bobbi Kristina Being Found in Bathtub

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Bobbi Kristina’s friends and family members seem to think Nick Gordon is the real reason she was found unconscious in the bathtub and now expected to pass away any day now in a hospice, Nick is suggesting the real culprit is substance abuse.

In an alleged recorded phone conversation he had with one of Bobbi’s relatives back in February, he says:

“I’ll tell you the honest truth, Krissy, she was under a lot of stress and we were all doing drugs and you know, all, all drinking, bro… She just did too much man. She, listen, listen bro. I will officially stay from bathtubs forever, I’ll tell you that.

“When Krissy wakes up she’ll tell the truth to everybody. Everybody will feel stupid as f*ck. You know Krissy got in an accident two days before this happened. If they take her off that life support, the police are going to have to take me down bro.”


  1. So then how did the bruises get on her face? It’s sick of him to blame her while she’s literally inches away from her death and can’t even defend herself or tell her side.

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