Orlando Scandrick Ends Engagement to Draya

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s always been difficult to keep up with the constant relationship status changes between Orlando Scandrick and Draya, and the last time we reported on the couple they happily confirmed their engagement.

But just a couple of weeks into the engagement, Orlando has called it off and now regrets ever popping the question.

Orlando tells TMZ:

“I have made the decision to call off the engagement and permanently end the relationship I had with Draya. In hindsight, it was a poor decision to propose. I am anxious to move on with my life both personally and professionally.”


  1. He knew it was a bad idea to propose to her, you don’t change your mind that quickly. It was clearly a last ditch effort. Hopefully, this time they actually stay seperated and the can have a mature, stable relationship with other people. I can’t with these two.

  2. I really liked Dray & was routing for her when she first started on BBW, but as time went on, that nasty attitude of hers changed my mind. I would never wish bad on anyone, but maybe this will humble her a bit. She’s always putting women down.

    1. I was done with Draya after she walked out of the photo shoot because Brooke was there and then downplayed Brooke when she made the cover of King. They’re are plenty of beautiful women in this world, Draya acts like she’s the only one.

  3. Her ugly personality on tv had to turn this man off! I can’t imagine her being much different in her private life!

  4. I wonder if she gave him the ring back. It was nice. Too bad it didn’t come with an actual marriage. Draya keeps getting L’s.

  5. I think they keep trying to make this work because they moved in together with the kids, and the kids get along so well so they feel pressured to be together. Hopefully in the future they won’t be so quick to have the kids involved.

  6. What a joke. All that hype she made and he won’t even marry her. I bet he proposed just to get her back and then realized when he got her he didn’t really want her. Cold world.

  7. On and off relationships are so stressful. I don’t know how some people do it. If they ever do get married, they will separate in a week.

  8. I think when a man keeps breaking things off with a woman, it’s because it’s something about her he’s just not sure about. He probably cares about her, but he was never really sold on her. I’m not sure if it’s her past or not.

  9. Sadly I knew this would happen. I never root for a couple to fail, but it was inevitable. There’s a reason they can’t stay together long without breaking up, and that needs to be the reason they don’t get back together this time.

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