Future Talks Failed Engagement to Ciara (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Future have both moved on since ending their engagement last year but Future is just now breaking his silence about their split in his interviews.

In a new documentary entitled “Like I Never Left,” the Atlanta rapper revealed he felt some kind of way about Ciara when she decided she didn’t want to work with him on her latest album. He says:

 “Me and Mike Will…we finished the album, the album before the album she just dropped. She ain’t want us to be a part of it at first. I was like, damn we just came off a number one and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him? And you go straight back to the Pop lane after you get a little steam. We shouldn’t do that. We should finish what we started. Go back into that Body Party lane. Give the fans what they wanted. That’s what they want from you. And let it cross over to Pop instead of chasing that crowd.

“She was like, nah I want to record it this way.

“Me and Mike Will weren’t even going to get a chance to work on the new album. The last one. Even though we had a number one…coming off a number one. I thought that was a little weird. We were still in a relationship. Sh*t kind of threw me off. “

As far as their failed engagement is concerned, Future claims he felt like Ciara was pushing him to marry her quickly:

“At the same time I had already said we bout to get married. She was like we need to rush the date and go ahead and do it. I was like nah, I’m not finna get married. I want to marry you but I can’t have no big wedding on E News. I can’t have all these big a*s media outlets coming to my wedding and I’m not comfortable when I’m not even comfortable with the people in here.

“I’m not comfortable about where I’m at with my career. I’m not comfortable about compromising being the person that I am, the man that I am. My better judgment is to go back and record and make music.”

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In related news, Future also sat down with Marc Lamont Hill of HuffPost Live, and he claims he’s the one who ended the engagement and it had nothing to do with cheating. He stated he ended things because they were growing apart.

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UPDATE: It looks as if Ciara has responded:

ciara twitterciara twitter 2


  1. He needs to be quiet. NO matter what he says, the truth is the damn truth. He’s a whore and it’s the reason they aren’t together anymore.

  2. I agree with him about Ciara not needing to try to make a pop song after Body Party. R&B is her lane.

  3. So, after she becomes involved in a new relationship and is quite public with it, he wants to give interviews about why they didn’t work? Nobody cares anymore. He should really change his name to “Past.” Idiot.

  4. This is why you don’t let these types of f-ck boys impregnate you. When he feels like being a childish a-shole, all he has to do is give an interview about Ciara. Russell can’t keep Future quiet. Now watch him do about 5 more interviews like this just to embarrass her out of spite.

  5. He told no lies about Ciara but people will choose to not believe him because they like her (but still won’t buy her albums). Ciara has always been known for being too clingy. She falls hard fast and it’s a turnoff to men. I bet she didn’t even mind the cheating a long as people were checking for “Ci-bandz”. She truly is pathetic.

    1. THIS!!!! What a coincidence he decides to say this while lately a real man has been professing his love to Ciara telling the world how great she is bigging her up everything a man is suppose to do he just got to try to make her look bad. These are some b-tcha-s weak a-s men in the world today and Future is one of them.

  6. Does he have a point about her music yes he does but that’s not even the point he said it to be malicious,spiteful and hurtful to her and this is the mother of his child. He just mad that she has moved on and he showed the whole world he is jealous with his lame wack ass. But while talking down on Ciara I bet he won’t speak on his cheating rumors though. Bye lameo!

  7. Ciara want to be A list she wants to be in the lights and Camera she want the E News,ET and insider wedding . the girl lost her way .Just wait Russel will run pretty soon because she’s going to pull him before every camera she sees.

  8. Ciara hasn’t said anything really about their breakup but that sometimes you outgrow people. She kept it classy. Future seems really petty to me.

  9. Future did not tell any lie Ciara has been chasing that pop lane for a minute trying to compete with rihanna a lost cause. Pop is more about personality than music and Ciara don’t have a pop personality.

  10. While I agree with what he said about her new album, he lacks tact for this. She is still the mother of his son. He needs to be respectful and keep it mature.

  11. Is Ciara wanting the next level of fame? Of course! She wants her brand to evolve and she wants to be a Pop star. I won’t fault her for that because we all know it should be more than Beyonce and Rihanna out here representing for the black girls. If Future doesn’t want that lifestyle then they don’t need to be together. Thank goodness they didn’t get married. Besides all the cheating they don’t even want the same things. It would never work.

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