Kalenna Harper Talks Showdown with Deb Antney

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Kalenna Harper had an unexpected blowup with Deb Antney after she asked to meet Deb and see if she would be interested in managing her music career.

Things went left when both ladies began to question each others’ resumes, but Kalenna tells VH1 she doesn’t understand why Deb was on ten.

She says:

“I asked resume questions based on me taking my career seriously. What I don’t wanna do is confuse the fans and make them feel as if I’m not taking my career seriously. I work every day. I work my knuckles to the bone I’m on Tinashe’s new album. I’m working on Monica’s new album. I have credits on Nicki [Minaj]’s album. I’ve written things with Lady Gaga so I don’t have to explain that to anyone. I don’t gloat about that at all. I don’t even have plaques in my house based on me feeling like I need to work harder than what I did last. I’d rather hang up report cards and my kids accolades rather than mine. I’m very humble in that sense but I wanted her to know: I have a real MDRC [minimum delivery/release commitment], I’m a real top-line writer. I take my business serious and we have to be eye to eye. When you jump in the bed with a manager, you wanna be on the same page. If I seem like a basket case for believing in myself? Being serious and believing and understanding what I was worth got me where I am and I can’t stop that now because I was in the room with Deb Antney. I wasn’t trying to by any means shade Ms. Deb Antney but I was asking her what can you do for my career that I couldn’t really do for myself at this point because I know all of the key players but it’s always good to have somebody representing you. What can you do? Like can you sit down and have the conversations with [CEO of Atlantic Records] Craig Kallman? Can you sit down and make things happen, higher than what Tony has for me? And Tony’s done great things. I remember meeting her son [Waka Flocka] at the height of his career when I was rehearsing for the BET awards so I know what it takes to do what I do. I really wasn’t shading her. I was very confused at why she took me asking resume questions so personal.”

On where they stand now, Kaleena says:

“I haven’t spoken with Deb. I seen the interview when she called me a basket case and all these different things and I’m just like you know what, I’ll be that. I’ll be that for me fighting for my family, I’ll be a basket case with me fighting and believing in my career. And I’ll be a basket case for me and my husband. Tony and I have been together for 12 years and we’ve been putting everything in one basket for our dreams and holding each other hands. In relationships we go through ups and downs and it’s hard to get advice from somebody who is not married, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know, maybe it was just a big mistake to sit down but I haven’t talked to Deb. I want Deb to know it never was no disrespect. That’s not how I was raised you know.”

Just in case you missed it, check out the heated moment below:


  1. I think both of them handled this wrong. Deb has to remember that a manager works for their client. You have to be able to sell yourself as a manager and make talent want to use your services. That’s necessary since you get a percentage of what the talent gets. And Kaleena needs to humble herself because she’s acting like she’s Beyonce or somebody. She was in that group with Diddy but the standout talent was actually Dawn.

    1. Exactly! Deb was defensive. Kaleena didn’t get disrespectful until Deb called her garbage. Deb and that twig Tammy need to have several seats.

  2. Kalenna was cocky as hell but at the same time Deb was too damn sensitive. It was all unnecessary honestly.

  3. I thought Deb was going to slap her when she got up like that. Then Tammy tried to run up when she wasn’t that gangsta when Joseline ran up on her at the reunion. It’s just one big laughable mess.

    1. Tammy needs to focus on WAKA FLOP-A’s less then stellar career. Can Deb take credit for that runaway train./ I saw on YouTube where Waka got paid 20,000 dollars to perform, but the concert promoter paid him in counterfeit money.
      Tammy and Deb, where were your antennas when that went down.

      1. Waka is touring and selling out seats with that Asian guy they’re making hella money it’s on YouTube

  4. Both of them were feeling themselves a little too much. If either one of them were top notch, they wouldn’t need to be on LHHATL. Just saying.

  5. Deb got offended too quick but Kaleena was more wrong in my opinion. When you go to someone crying for help and then turn around and be arrogant like you a top notch artist have the audacity to act like its a privilege to work for you girl please. I ain’t heard not one song from Kaleena and I’m just being honest. Not to mention the conversation started off wrong from the beginning because she said her husband didn’t think Deb was a good enough manager that made Deb go on the offensive. Kaleena needs a reality check because she ain’t on the level she think she is. She such an accomplished songwriter so she says why they going broke. Why and her husband so pressed about money? Songwriters get royalties and songwriters usually make more money than singers so once again why are they pressed about money.

  6. Some things are better left unsaid, and Deb didn’t have to know that Tony felt she wasn’t a good fit for Kelenna. She shoulda kept that sh*t between she and her husband. I think that is what sent Deb into defense mode so it didn’t matter what the hell Kelenna said after that, disrespectful or not. Kelenna asked a simple question but she shoulda kept Tony out of it. That’s why shade was thrown back and forth and the situation went left.

  7. Some sh*t had to be edited out because how fast Deb got offended just didn’t seem right for how quickly things got out of hand.

  8. If you are a writer for Lady Gaga, Monica, Diddy, Tinashe etc. YOU ABSOLUTELY have to right to stand up for yourself. No shade but Debt should not manage Kalenna, she is not on her level. SHe should be managing the like of Premadonna, Karly Red etc.

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