Future Defends Ciara Comments + Accuses Her of Using Russell Wilson for Publicity Stunts

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Future has been making headlines as of late because he hasn’t been holding back in the least bit on discussing her new relationship in interviews, and he even claims he is the one who broke off the engagement despite reports suggesting he had been cheating.

He’s getting lots of backlash for his interviews, but the rapper makes it clear to the Breakfast Club crew that he is only giving his side to the situation because he feels Ciara was wrong to just let the cheating rumors run rampant on the blogs.

He says:

“It was my side of the story and now that I spoke my side, I’m over it because she wasn’t telling the side. It was like she was just letting it go along. Whatever the people thought about me, she wasn’t saying hey don’t say that about him.

“As a couple when you separate, they usually put out a statement saying like let us live our respectable lives, leave us alone, we went our separate ways because of issues that we had. We want to keep our privacy. She just went along with the cheating rumors and never said anything. Issue a statement saying leave our personal life alone and I wouldn’t have to say anything about it.”


On being accused for being bitter about Ciara’s new boo, he says:

“I’m not thinking about her, man. I swear I’m not thinking about her, man. I want her to be totally happy.

“People think I’m bitter because she’s moved on. I’m good. Look at me. I  take care of me. I don’t need him, she needs him (Russell Wilson).


Future also stated he wasn’t happy to see pictures of Russell Wilson pushing Baby Future in a stroller and he feels like Ciara is just using the NFL star for publicity stunts:

 “You only known a dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kids? Like who does that?

“He probably didn’t know that she set him up. You got nannies, you got assistants around you. Anybody could have pushed the stroller. You let people catch that photo because…at the end of the day, I’m not for the publicity stunts. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts. Just leave him out of your relationship because we don’t need your relationship for anything. I can take care of him on my own without any help. I don’t need any help taking care of my son.”


More tidbits
– He feels like his relationship with Ciara was hurting his music career
– Joked that Ciara can curse a man’s career
– He feels having multiple baby mamas won’t keep women from pursuing him, including more celebrities
– He wants this to be his last interview in which he discusses Ciara


Check out the video below:



    1. Future is a joke! First of all, a male and not a man! He is a sometime entertainer! Not a baller, a d-list wanna be rapper at best! He is sooo effiminate! He chose to be a weak little willie when it came to Ciara, he was in a relationship and didn’t suit up and impregnated another woman, after not marrying the oodles he already had children with that my friends is what ANIMALS do not MEN, men marry first, have kids second and do not degrade, disrespect their woman, or their ex, BECAUSE IT STILL ALL REFLECTS ON THEM, THEIR MOTHER, OR GRANDMOTHER, WHOEVER REARED THEM, and HE LET HIS BABY mama put all kinds of pics and info on the internet, he did not shut it down, did not defend his relationship with Ciara and so what was a pregnant woman he paid a half a MIL for an engagement ring for, and talking about how she carried herself so graciously and with such love when over the holidays she was so peaceful with his baby mamas and how he appreciated that and how it demonstrated her love for him, and now the nasty,low-life, jealous, hater is talking about how she should have defended him, DEFEND YOURSELF NINJA, oh I forgot the allegations and pics put out there by your baby mama, that you never stopped being with, you couldn’t dispel, and when Ciara with dignity ignored you and your TRASH she demonstrated what she has, is and what is in her DIGNITY AND CLASS! No one has a child, because they want to be famous, and Ciara is still her, and she is modeling for one of the biggest EUROPEAN FASHION AND COSMETICS LINES, so you small minded people, she has enough in her fan base, she doesn’t need the TRIFLING, GHETTO, HATERS, no body would keep putting money after her if she wasn’t making enough for them to get some of it back. Now, we don’t know how long Russell Wilson has been her friend and now her man; we only know since they have been public, HE TOOK HER TO THE WHITE HOUSE, SO HATE ON LOSER, with your NON-EXISTANT FUTURE, Ninja, she is too classy to put her business in the street and use her baby, not acknowledging you, because you probably only contribute sperm and your attorneys send a check, but you probably know nothing about your son, with your BLEACHED WEAVE LOOKING LIKE THE BLACK CAITLIN, when you gonna’ come out, Ninja?! She doesn’t need you and you look like the punk you are degrading and childish, even 8 year old boys care enough about their mothers to protect them, and you dogging your son’s mother because you a has been with no one, well, you had her and she gave the ring back, Ninja I would have kept it for when your checks stop coming to my son, because you will continue to fall off, just like all junk like you, your end has just begun…, your future is bleak, because you will reap what you sow…, and what’s done in the dark will come to the light…,

      1. Preach. .wonder if he acted like a b$@ch towards his other baby mommas. Not…if she would’ve defended his dum a-s the haters would’ve still talked s@$t about her. Looking for a reason to hate…smdh.im glad she’s happy. Do you ci ci..

    1. Ciara doesn’t even have real stans. Just pretenders who hate Rihanna and Beyonce. When Ciara’s album drops, they aren’t anywhere to be found.

      1. Just like when Rihanna drops an album, y’all get ghost? Y’all are the reason she’s still a singles artist ten years in the game.

      2. Smdh. Why can’t we just celebrate all 3 beautiful black women without always putting them against 1 another. All 3 are talented and have their own fan base. We have enough idiots like 50&Future bringing women down. Ijs…

  1. I do think he’s messy as hell for the interview but I will say that I totally agree with him about Ciara using Russell and the baby for publicity. I think Russell is in this for the right reasons but Ciara is in it to clean up her image, the publicity and to hype up her struggle album.

    1. Curious? Need Russell for publicity for what? She seems like a nice person. Do you think they may actually like 1 another..dam..you know that is possible

  2. We don’t need Future to tell us that. Ciara want to be A list so bad she will do what ever it takes. She choose Future because he blow up after that song with rihanna. She choose 50 cent.
    I said it before she will pull this fool before every camera she sees.she wanted to get married, but not a private wedding. She wanted an E Kardashian style wedding.. she better pray Russell doesn’t come to his senses or else he will be gone

  3. But did he lie tho? People want to stan for Ciara but don’t even buy her damn albums. She has always used men for publicity. She doesn’t even care about her music career. It’s relevance she cares about.

    1. He is more annoyed then bitter. Petty, salty and bitter are words usually used when one gets pissed when someone tells their side of the story about their fav. lol They need to stop putting Ciara on a pedestal. But when it comes to supporting her albums your hear crickets.

      Thank you

      Bitter, salty, petty are usual words used when one speaks the truth about ones fave. lmao All 3 of them a jokes

    2. They don’t hear you though. When she was with Future, they were on here dragging her. But I’m schleep!

  4. I think he’s salty. Not necessarily because he misses her but I think he’s mad he’s the one getting all of the blame so he’s lashing out at her as a result. That’s childish to me.

  5. He is so bitter and lame its ridiculous. Why is he saying this now though? How convenient he trashes her when he has an album to promote how is he any different than he claiming Ciara is. He says she is using Russell for publicity but he is using their breakup and her new relationship for publicity for his album though. No matter if you like Ciara or not if you can’t see through Future antics I have some lucky charms to sell you.

    1. I agree with you…I’m not a Ciara fan at all but how is this one woman to blame for not defending you. You didn’t defend her when people were dragging her about being the 5th baby mama. Maybe she’s a fame whore but so is he. They are cut from the same cloth. He likes needy women or a woman to need him which is why he’s popping kids like tic tacs. Im over him running his mouth. The best way to get at her is to be nice and keep it moving.

  6. He’s looking really petty right now. I don’t doubt Ciara and Ruseell are loving the attention right now, but he’s got to stop this.

  7. He is so mad. But I can’t even lie. I feel him about the stroller situation. That would make any man feel some kind of way.

  8. LMBO. He really doesn’t care anymore. He is saying whatever the hell he wants and he’s not even caring whose feeling he hurts. Ciara has to be regretting being with him now.

  9. I think he is bitter. I don’t think she has to make a statement which the public loves to assume. It’s not important nor is there break up. It is only important to them. He is the one that cheats and so of course the assumption is that. An entertainers job is to stay relevant in some sort of fashion. So why not use publicity to your advantage. Sure no one is buying her album per say but her singles do well enough and her other business functions bring her money as well. And as a woman, who wouldn’t want a fairytale wedding? We all want that and if that world want to pay for it so what Future let them. It sounds like to me he is the type that want to go to the court house and a few homies over at the crib and denounce the marriage every chance he gets. Let her have a dream wedding; all women deserve at least that!

  10. He’s absolutely bitter. Ciara has not once said anything about him going back to his desperate baby mama. She said nothing. Kept it moving and went on with her life without speaking on it. Why can’t Future do the same and let he live?

  11. Future is gay. Fooling women who is not paying attention. Don’t have the money to cut off his demon d-ck. Russell Williams is a man. Russell don’t let this devil fool you. Ciara is a wife woman. Future is a wannabe woman. I’m sure he is sucking Trans Jenner d-ck right now. Future wants to be a woman. Net worth 2 dollars.

  12. D-ck and a-s sucker hate women because he was not born with a p-ssy. Pay attention women this night is untrue.

  13. Future is a controller. Everything was fine when she didn’t have a man looking lonely and chit with the baby. He didn’t care about her not defending him then. He didn’t care about her being dragged for being the mother and father since your were MIA. If she is using Russell for publicity, why you mad, you used her for the same chit. Men like him get so mad that another man is doing what he should have been doing regardless of his relationship with Ciara. Get over yourself Future.

  14. It’s weird to me that some of you are actually mad that people aren’t dragging Ciara so much anymore. I never understood why she was always attacked all the time anyway. She doesn’t bother anyone.

  15. Sh-t celebrities use their relationships for publicity all the damn time. Why is it a problem when Ciara does it? And if he’s not bitter, maybe it’s time for him to shut the f-ck up.

  16. At some point he needs to see things from Ciara’s perspective. A little class goes a long way. Not once has she said anything bad about him to the media. We can’t say the same thing for him.

  17. Him doing interview AND this Ciara + Russell ‘relationship’ are all publicity stunts to help him sell albums. It’s no coincidence that he is NOW starting to talk about Ciara a few days before his album drops.

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