Lil Wayne, Young Thug and Birdman’s Drama Continues

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s getting pretty difficult to keep up with all the drama surrounding Birdman, Lil Wayne and Young Thug.

Young Thug was arrested the other day for threatening to shoot a mall security guard in the face, but he’s also been named as one of the possible conspirators of Lil Wayne’s tour bus getting shot up in Georgia, along with Birdman.

Complex writes:

Young Thug has reportedly been named alongside Birdman in an indictment that alleges their involvement in a conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne in April. That month Lil Wayne’s tour-bus was shot at while the rapper and several others departed from a show in Atlanta. Now, fresh off a story of Thugger’s separate legal troubles, WSBTV reporter Mike Petchenik has broken news of the indictment that claims that both Young Thug and Birdman conspired with suspect Jimmy Winfrey in a plot to take down Weezy. Winfrey, who goes by the stage name PeeWee Roscoe, was arrested in connection with the shooting in May.

Petchenik reports that neither Young Thug or Birdman are charged in the indictment which instead highlights a connection between Winfrey and the two artists. According to Petchenik, prosecutors are even trying to use Thug’s “Halftime” video as evidence in the indictment, claiming that the visuals show Winfrey holding an assault rifle during a song that makes mention of Lil Wayne’s name. Petchenik doled out some more news in a Tweet reporting that the indictment claims Winfrey “carried out” Thug’s threat with the violence.

Young Thug, Birdman and Weezy are also being accused of being members of the Bloods street gang.


And if that’s not messy enough, Birdman is now dragging Jay Z and Tidal into his feud with Weezy by slapping Jigga with a $50 million lawsuit for putting Weezy’s music on Tidal.

TMZ writes:

Birdman’s company, Cash Money, is suing Tidal for streaming songs from Lil Wayne’s album ‘FWA’ … suing for $50 MILLION. Cash Money claims it has exclusive rights to Wayne’s music and Tidal is an illegal intermeddler.

The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, gets nasty, with Cash Money claiming Jay Z’s fledgling company is now resorting to “a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

According to the lawsuit, Tidal has claimed Cash Money does not have a exclusive lock on Wayne …

Tidal claims Wayne specifically gave it the right to stream his music, in return for part ownership in the company.

Cash Money begs to differ, and the company quotes portions of its contract with Lil Wayne in the lawsuit. The contract specifically says Wayne does not have the power to license his music to anyone else.


  1. Young Thug is the new Lil Wayne to Birdman. In about 5 years, he’ll be in the same boat. Birdman is loyal to no one.

  2. The thing that bothers me about all of this is Birdman was like a father to Wayne and his kids are even close with Wayne’s kids. They were like family. So he has to be real cold blooded to want to kill the man his own kids love like blood. And it’s all over money. So sad.

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