Tyrese Sets the Record Straight & Apologizes to Homeless Woman

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Tyrese is known for his controversial social media antics, but sometimes some of his own followers just feel as if he takes things a little bit too far.

The other day Tyrese actually made a video with a sleeping homeless woman and compared her to those who are sleeping on R&B music, and he’s been getting lots of backlash for his actions.

But now Tyrese is attempting to set the record straight and he even apologized to the woman for making a video that could easily appear tasteless to most.

In the video, he says:

“Last time I was in New York, I got off the train and I came from the train right here. And there was a woman who was sitting right here. And she was sleeping…laying right here. This is the exact spot.

“For all of you websites and blogs that ran with the story saying I’m so desperate for attention that I would use a homeless woman to help promote my album, that was not my intention. I didn’t know she was homeless. If you look over here, it’s a really big shaded area. And there’s a lot of people that be coming over here that work in this whole area that just be laying down.

“For the woman, if you got kids or family or even you…I apologize. That’s not who I am. I’m not desperate for press and media attention. And I would never, ever, ever use anybody to plug an album. She was laying down and she was sleep and I used that as a metaphor to say people are sleeping on my genre of music. Which I’m working really hard to re-spark and revitalize.”

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  1. He was wrong for putting that woman in his video regardless because she couldn’t even give consent.

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