Russell Wilson & Ciara Aren’t Worried About Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week Future gave a series of controversial interviews about Ciara and her new boo Russell Wilson and he made it clear he feels it could just be one big publicity stunt, and Ciara told her fans on Twitter that she feels the rapper should mind his business and just worry about being a good parent to their son.

Now sources close to Ciara and Russell are claiming they aren’t worried about Future in the least bit.

E! News writes:

“Ciara was more annoyed with Future’s comments than sad or upset,” a source revealed to E! News exclusively. “She is really strong now and so happy. She thinks Future needs to live his life and leave her happy relationship out of it.”

And when it comes to her man, Wilson “is not concerned with Future’s behavior.”

When Future was asked about photos showing Wilson pushing his son around in a stroller, the rapper voiced his disapproval. “You don’t even bring a man around your son,” he shared on The Breakfast Club. “You know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid? Who does that? Nobody does that.”

But according to our insider, the introduction between Wilson and Future Jr. was something that happened naturally without any ill intentions.


The source also claims the couple is choosing to focus on their relationship and not Future’s comments.


  1. As they should! Future had his chance with Ciara, it didn’t work, so both moved on. I really like Ciara and Russell together

  2. Ciara needs to figure out why her ex is outselling her and she’s been getting more attention lately.

  3. I thought Future was bitter at first but now I think he was just talking about them for attention and it worked like a charm. It was dirty on his part but they don’t call it show business for no reason.

  4. Why should they be? Waiting a whole year and until she got with someone else to trash her while he had something to promote Future’s motives were clear. I had no problem with what he said about Ciara music I agreed but he turned into a lame when he started trashing her and telling about their failed relationship and blaming her for everything not taking any responsibility himself that’s a lame. If Ciara and Russell are happy more power to them.

  5. I’m not buying that they don’t care about what Future is saying. Russell is still trying to get that new big contract with Seattle and Ciara is in the process of trying to upgrade her own image and be taken more seriously. Neither one of them need constant bad press from Future, and I say this from a PR perspective. They care, and that’s why their publicists sent this in to E.

  6. The things is Ciara has not yet fixed her mouth to say anything bad about Future when she has every right to. I hope he keeps his views to himself regarding her relationship from now on.

  7. Now Ciara is bae but I find it hypocritical how some people are calling Future an attention whore when Ciara and Russell have been doing the most for attention like telling the public they are celibate. That is a private thing a couple should keep to themselves. And then they are out here doing the Nae Nae on TV like they have something to prove. All 3 of these adults are attention whores.

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