Drake & SB Respond to Meek Mill (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Hours ago Meek Mill did like his girlfriend Nicki Minaj and took to Twitter to vent about the music industry, but it didn’t take long for him to mainly take shots at Drake and Nicki’s ex Safaree Samuels.

Meek told his followers that Drake doesn’t write his own raps and he even claimed he believes SB is gay because he allowed Nicki to twerk on Drake in a music video, plus he saw video of SB twerking himself from years ago.

Now both Drake and SB are responding to the drama.

Drake tells “Wild N Out” star Hitman Holla in a DM exchange:

drake responds

Meanwhile SB’s camp claims he’s not too concerned with Meek’s jabs because Nicki still reaches out to him.

TMZ writes:

Sources close to Safaree tell TMZ … he has no problem with anyone who is gay, it’s just not HIS thing. We’re told the video is from a Jamaican dance battle Samuels did when he was 17 — and he thinks Meek should be less concerned with his moves … and more concerned about Nicki.

According to our sources, Safaree says Minaj still reaches out to him from time to time.


UPDATE: Safaree is now putting Nicki on blast via Twitter:

nicki twitter

safaree twitter


  1. Lol. Drake doesn’t need to respond. Meek is whack And a sad, little man who needs his girl & “one-sided”Twitter beef to become relevant. He’s crying cause Drake didn’t tweet his album? Where is my tiny violin & cheese?

    1. He’s very insecure and that will be why Nicki leaves him. Insecurity is the biggest turn off I swear.

    2. He’s insecure about a lot of things I think. He’s mad he’s not a popular rapper (J Cole, Kendrick and Drake are at the top) and he’s insecure that someone who isn’t even in the industry still has his girlfriend pressed. And this Twitter rant is one of many that makes people think he’s an raging idiot. He just keeps losing.

  2. That bit about Nicki still reaching out to SB explains so much. That’s the real reason Meek has been wildin. He knows Nicki still loves that dude.

  3. Drake will really respond on a song and it’s going to be ugly. Meek has to learn he can’t tweet about every single thing. Some things need to be handled in private. I wish Nicki wasn’t dating him.

  4. Nicki was with SB for over a decade. I’m not surprised they still talk. She probably would go back to him if he would have her again. He left her right?

  5. When I saw SB video I knew it was flex in bk which was a dance competition show. During that time there was popular dance called the bruck up. Guys would sometimes add a routine to imitate a dancehall female style of dancing to be humorous and get the croud going. This was the late 90s early 2000.

  6. Meek is just jealous of SB and Drake for different reasons. And I still believe Nicki and SB will eventually get back together.

  7. Methinks Nicki wants to jump ship but she will hang around because she doesn’t want people to say I told you so. Meek is still not someone you date. You hit it and move the hell on.

  8. Ummmm Nicki needs to stop frontin…she still cares about SB….when you break up from being in a relationship for yrs you definitely need time to be single and to yourself. I know personally all about jumping into situations with someone else too fast while I was trying to get over my ex. And it didn’t work out for me…all I did was add on extra bs to the pot…and ended up missing my ex more….now I’m trying to get him back and I have to explain all the bullshyt I was doing while we weren’t together. And my ex jumped into a relationship right after us really quick and he cheats on the girl bad and doesn’t have strong feelings for this other woman becuz he still has strong feelings for me. And he’s pretty much just using her until I get my shyt together and he feels comfortable with being with me again…..same thing going on with Nicki, Meek and SB

  9. oh yeah UB I read on another blog yesterday that Drake responded via twitter to Meek saying he slept with Nicki and didn’t shout out Meek’s album that’s why Meek mad with him. I don’t know how true it is but they did have a screenshot of Drake’s official twitter acct saying that

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