Meek Mill Slams Drake & SB on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks as if Nicki Minaj wasn’t the only celebrity who felt the need to vent about other artists and the music industry on Twitter last night.

While Nicki got into an awkward Twitter feud with Taylor Swift that resulted in Taylor unfollowing the rapper, Nicki’s boyfriend Meek Mill had some words for Drake.

In a series of tweets, he accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics, and even Nicki’s ex Safaree “SB” Samuels wasn’t safe from Meek’s wrath.

Meek tweets (read from bottom to top):

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  1. This screaming a-s n-gga had a lot of time on his hands to tweet all this bullsh-t. I hope Nicki knows that the moment she leaves his a-s, he will drag her even worse than this on Twitter. He has a pattern of acting like a real b-tch.

    1. She likes that he’s an alpha male but I think balance is key. You don’t want a dude who is way too easy to control like SB but you don’t need someone you’re going to butt heads with all the time either. I bet her and Meek fight all the time. This won’t end well.

  2. So? A lot of rappers have ghost writers. And it’s not like Meek’s lyrics are top notch anyway so I don’t know why he’s bragging about writing his own stuff.

  3. Am I the only one who caught some of the passive aggressiveness he tweeted about Nicki? I guess they are having problems.

  4. LOL. Man I don’t care what anyone says. Twitter is the devil’s playground. It will get you in so much trouble whether you are famous or not.

  5. I swear Twitter was like the WWF last night with these celebrities. All for MTV’s janky VMAs. VMAs haven’t been special since Beyonce announced her pregnancy. Seriously.

  6. And now we can add Meek to lame squad. What is really going on here these guys nowadays really showing their true colors acting super weak.

  7. Nicki left Safaree and called him corny for someone who acts like a butt hurt b**ch. Like someone else said, she better pay attention because the minute she decided to leave Meek’s behind he is going to put all her personal business on blast.

  8. Now this is what Dame would call a Chatty Patty. If Drake don’t write his own sh-t how the f-ck does that make it Meek’s business?

  9. I don’t think he did this as a publicity stunt like some people are saying. His album already dropped and it did really well. It was very shady for him to out Drake on twitter tho.

  10. Ummmm I can’t rock with a dude that doesn’t know the difference between “Where” and “were” but wasn’t it Nicki that said “Fck with them real n!gga$s who don’t tell n!gga$s what they up to”? oh wait that was SB that wrote that right????? whoops well then this explains Meek blabbing like a bish #ijs

  11. Meek’s album didn’t do that well. Is it even gold yet? Any Drake’s mix tape went gold the first week. Meek is being a b-tch. It was all good with Drake not to long ago and it was all good when you put him on your album. Why didn’t Meek’s ugly a-s go this hard when Joe Budden’s was coming for him?

  12. Nicki sure she wants to continue messing wit this dude…..I mean just by him gettin on Twitter “gossiping” shows that he a petty lil bish?? And I couldn’t mess wit a dude that don’t know the diff b/t “where” and “were” smdh….these bishes luv coming for Drake on Twitter tryna make a movie ….like Meek don’t have dude # to call/text him

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