Legal News: Birdman Denies Trying to Take Lil Wayne Out + 50 Cent Gets More Bad News

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently it was confirmed Birdman and Young Thug have been linked to the recent shooting up of Lil Wayne’s tour bus, and some are suspecting Birdman may have put a hit out on the rapper he used to consider a son.

However, he’s denying he had anything to do with the incident.

TMZ writes:

Sources close to Wayne and Birdman confirm to TMZ what police docs insinuated … that Birdman got a phone call on April 26, shortly after the bus was shot up in Atlanta. As we reported, police knew the call was placed between 2 phones registered to Birdman.

We’re told the call came from someone in Wayne’s camp who was understandably pissed, and anxious to tell Birdman what went down shortly before the shooting — that Jimmy Carlton Winfrey had been kicked out of a club for harassing Wayne.

Winfrey was eventually arrested and charged with the shooting.

Our sources say Birdman assured Wayne he was not involved in any way, and vowed to help figure out who was behind it.


In more legal news, 50 Cent now owes Rick Ross’ baby mama another $2 million. TMZ writes:

50 Cent has to fork over another $2 million in punitive damages to Rick Ross’ baby mama for leaking her sex tape.

The jury announced the judgment in NYC on Friday. 50 already got hit with a $5 million judgment in the case earlier this month … which lead to him filing for personal bankruptcy.


  1. Like Birdman would really admit he wanted Wayne dead. As far as 50 karma is a b-tch he is just stalling he will have to eventually pay her.

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