Listen: Drake Drops ‘Charged Up’ (Meek Mill Diss) – UPDATE

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill caused a huge ruckus after he hopped on Twitter to accuse Drake of not writing his own rap verses, and it’s been plenty of drama to go down ever since.

Funkmaster Flex has even been claiming that he has multiple reference tracks Drake has used on past albums, and the DJ is claiming Drake hasn’t been writing his own lyrics for years.

Well it looks as if Drake is going to respond back through music.

He dropped “Charged Up” on Apple Music just moments ago.

The standout line is:

“No woman has ever had me starstruck or ever had to tell me to get my bars up”

If you recall, Meek has been claiming in interviews that he’s been crushing on Nicki for years and he claims she motivates him to come up with better bars.

Listen to the track below:


UPDATE: Meek has responded. You can read the tweets from bottom to top.

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  1. This wasn’t bad but this won’t help him be considered one of the greats. Someone like Kendrick or J. Cole would have eaten Meek alive. Drake has got to do some soul searching and work on his lyrics. He’s all flash and little substance.

  2. This n-gga was just embarrassed by wack a-s Meek Mill and he comes back with this flop a-s beat and passive aggressive lines? The GOAT he will never f-cking be.

    1. Well to be fair emcees don’t have to call out names for a track to be a diss but Drake tiptoed over who he’s talking about a little too much for this to be taken seriously as a diss. He was better off saying nothing.

  3. I started listening to the track as I was reading the comments and just decided to turn it off based on y’alls input and the track itself. If you’re going to make a diss track, I’d think things should be a bit more upbeat with a dash of aggression, lol. I like Drake. Ghost writer or not. He should have left this one alone. Meek isn’t worth it and neither was this track.

  4. The fact that Drake’s stans hype him up like he’s the new Jay Z or Nas is hilarious. Meek shouldn’t be slept on. He went round to round against Cassidy and even though he lost, he held his own and had some bars. Drake could never do that. He’s not on his way to becoming the greatest. This so called diss track is proof of that.

  5. So I’m disappointed. I got my little email notification and ran on here for this? Drake needs to step it up. Either come hard or don’t respond at all. And the nerve of him trying to sneak diss Tidal when Jay Z’s beef with Nas produced Hip Hop classics that we still debate to this day. Even when he tries to shade Jay he fails. All he does is remind everyone why he will always be the student and never the teacher. Now Kendrick and J. Cole will become legends that new rappers will look up to. Watch and see. And yes, I do like Drake. I’m just saying he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

    1. I mean if he’s going to shade Jay he could at least take a page out Jay’s book and come hard on a diss track. Nas clearly won, but Jay wasn’t all mellow and passive aggressive like this. Drake sounds like he was bored.

    2. He didn’t diss Jay or shade him. Please don’t keep saying that because no one wants to deal with beyonce’s crazy stans. They don’t let anything go! He said he still respects his idols and Jay is his idol! Now let me run out of here before King Bey comes on here and goes off on me. I don’t want her to get mad while she’s pregnant llh.

  6. But Drake has been more starstruck by Nicki more than Meek ever has. There’s plenty of verses, tweets/etc. that can back up what I’m saying too. I don’t like Meek like that but this was very weak.

  7. Why did he respond when Kendrick called him out in Control and in the BET cipher? It was crickets. LOL.

  8. These rappers need to listen to Tupac Hit em up to learn how to properly diss someone. Meek wack suppose to be hood but trying to diss someone on twitter lame. Drake wack for this BS he just released that’s suppose to be a diss smh.

  9. I expected more but I have to remember this is a new generation of rappers. I can’t help but think Kendrick and Cole World would have bodied Meek though if it was them he came after. Drake sounded like he was hesitant to even do this.

  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think from this alone Meek could kill Drake on a track. This was a joke.

  11. So Drake finally says something about black issues and black lives matter and does so in this weak “diss” track? The nerve.

  12. Drake fans are saying this was a warning and not a diss. But how the hell do you issue a warning when someone threw you under a damn bus?

  13. So he said Meek snitched on him so basically he just confirmed what Meek said was true. So the real question is, who wrote this?

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