Drake Disses Meek Mill Again in New Song + Meek Mill’s Silence Explained?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

So Drake is back with another diss track for Meek Mill.

Gossip Cop writes:

In “Back To Back,” released on Wednesday, Drake rips Mill for opening for Minaj’s “The Pinkprint Tour.” Drake spits, “You love her then you gotta get a world tour. Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? I know that you gotta be a thug for her, this ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.”

Drake also directly addresses Mill’s allegations that he doesn’t write his own songs. As Gossip Cop reported, Mill went on a Twitter rant last week bashing Drake for supposedly using a ghostwriter to come up with his verse on Mill’s song “R.I.C.O.” Now Drake raps, “This for y’all that think I don’t write enough. They just mad ‘cause I got the Midas touch,” adding in another part of the song, “Shout out to all my boss b*tches wife-in n*ggas.”

In related news, Meek Mill hasn’t responded with a track of his own just yet and sources claim that’s because he’s working out a deal to release a track on Jay Z’s Tidal.

All Hip Hop writes:

Jay Z is the real person y’all should be mad at, if you are upset there is no diss. From what I have been told, Flex had no say so in the matter – he was overruled. It seems like Jay Z intervened and convinced Meek Mill NOT to release the diss song to Flex. I knew this the day after it all went down, but it took me a day or so to realize why. Clearly, I don’t know for sure, but it would SEEM that Jay wants to release it on Tidal. Again, this is speculation. But, it makes sense. Drake is dropping his disses on Apple Music. Meek is cool with Jay. Why wouldn’t they make some attempt to monetize the diss instead of giving it to Flex for free?


    1. Unlike Drake, Meek doesn’t have ghostwriters on speed dial, so he’s probably still working on his verses.

    2. He’s loving the attention. He will release something when they hype dies down like a real thirst ball.

  1. Drake’s corny a-s ain’t fooling me. He’s as pressed as Kylie’s fake a-s lips. He released both of these corny a-s songs because he wants people to forget the tea Meek spilled. And their dumb a-sses are falling for it.

  2. This was slightly better than Charged Up but still weak. Why is Drake mad Meek said the truth? He doesn’t write his own raps anymore.

  3. First of all Drake shouldn’t have even responded to Meek lame a-s but since he did he should have did better than these weak diss tracks. These fools need to listen to Nas Ether or Tupac Hit Em Up and get they bars up I bet Meek ain’t going to drop nothing special either smh.

    1. Now boo you know good and well Kendrick would have destroyed him. He wasn’t trying to let that happen.

  4. Meek is playing chess not checkers..y not capitalize on this? Plus he is on tour now which could be reason for the delay…and honestly Drake dropped this at 5 am! Meek probably woke up to it like the rest of us!

  5. Drake has made two diss songs (weak at that) but he’s trying to call Meek soft for f-cking Nick’s fine rich a-s? Drake stick to the ugly and broke Instagram thots you’re used to bruh.

    1. I don’t think anyone is defending Meek. We’re just not going to pretend Drake is some great rapper. These diss tracks are laughable.

    2. This is about Hip Hop. Both Drake and Meek are alike personality wise (very sensitive and petty), but the issue here is Drake is having people write his lyrics while pretending he wrote them himself. We can talk about Meek’s pettiness all day, but when it comes to Hip Hop, Drake’s offense is much worse. And he only released these songs to make people forget Meek has uncovered a secret he didn’t want the public to know. Luckily for Drake, a lot of his supporters are very young and they don’t really care about Hip Hop anyway.

  6. I’m just not impressed. Meek should respond but it won’t matter. Drake’s fans will still think he’s the second coming of Nas anyway even if he doesn’t rap as well or write his own stuff. I think people are so desperate to have something that they will make Drake out to be more than he is when they would be better off showing that kind of dedication to J Cole and Kendrick. I also think Wale is a better rapper than Drake.

  7. I like Drake I really do but he knw damn well if Nicki gave him a chance he would jump too…Nicki don’t wanna fraternize wit his a$$ cuz he’s a light bright Thot chaser on her team (label)……furthermore if this is the best he could come up wit then he should’ve just hired he ghost writers to write this too…..he was better off making a r&in diss song….sing dnt rap it lol

  8. I think Drake and Meek are both unlikable so this is hard to call. I just know Drake should have came much harder.

  9. Drake know what he is doing.Using a couple a reference tracks shouldn’t discredit him. What I find interesting is that no rappers are commenting on the situation, which make me thinks they are guilty of doing the same.

    I want to believe Drake is a smart guy, he’s saving all his gems until Meek drop something

    1. I don’t think rappers are saying anything because they see what happens when you say anything about Drake. His fans will drag you and label you as a hater. And I’m saying this as a Drake fan.

    2. Hmm well that explains why Hip Hop today is so wack then. If these rappers are doing like Drake and using multiple writers and reference tracks for their music, it explains why rap as a whole doesn’t feel genuine or personal anymore.

  10. Lamest beef ever. Both of these “rappers” are trash tbh. And for Drake to be responding twice to this bum when it was crickets with Kendrick, Pusha T and DMX just shows he’s a p-ssy.

    1. Typical Drake fan. You think everyone else sucks and Drake is the only good rapper out here. LOL.

  11. Wow! Omeeka fans are here in full effect ..the most ironic thing about all of this is that ‘Amen’ was one of Meek’s biggest hits because of Drake & R.I.C.O. was the most talked about track on his current album. Kendrick & J. Cole are my faves but even Kendrick benefited from Drake’s features before he blew up

    1. Drake is very popular. Everyone knows this. But he doesn’t “make” someone’s career. When you get a popular person on your song, it’s up to you to prove yourself. Kendrick is where he is because of his talent. Meek is where he is because he’s not very good. Don’t forget that it was Lil Wayne who put Drake on.

  12. I think Drake did better with this song. I want him to drop it now though because Meek doesn’t deserve this much attention.

  13. Drake needs to get off his infantile “meek-rant” and man-up to his responsibilities regarding the murders at his OVO concert in Toronto.
    What a Coward !!! No one is asking him to rat or snitch.
    Please Drake, be a real man, and comment on these senseless murders,
    And ask anyone who knows anything to come forward with information.
    The culture of not helping police investigations into such killings is condoning further murders.
    Shame on you Drake. I’m boycotting your music and concerts and hope others do the same..
    Ingo from Scarboro

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