Listen: Meek Mill Finally Releases Drake Diss Track

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Well it’s finally here.

Meek Mill and Drake have been making headlines for their controversial rap beef, and Drake took things a step further by releasing two diss tracks.

It was rumored Meek would probably drop his on Tidal, but the emcee decided to give the track to Funkmaster Flex instead.

It’s a rather interesting track because in between Meek’s verses, reference tracks Drake allegedly used from Quentin Miller can be heard.

So far social media is not happy with Meek’s response, but take a listen and tell us where you stand.


  1. Well this was lame. But when both of the rappers aren’t really that lyrical, this should be expected. Anyway, I guess it’s time to move on.

  2. I just had to cut this bullsh-t off and turn on Him Em Up. F-ck these soft a-s rappers. Tweeting and shading each other on Instagram like females.

  3. This is just bad. And Drake needs to stop trying to laugh because his two diss tracks weren’t good either. All this does is remind me that a lot of our rappers are corny.

  4. I’m confused…Meek brought facts to the table and exposed Drake..his credibility is now shot! How can his diss track ‘win’ if we have to question if he wrote it?? Makes you wonder if hip hop is truly dead.

  5. It wasn’t the worst but no good punch lines at all… But you know what I would give him another chance it took drake 2 tracks to get one decent one that honestly ppl are OVERhyping. You get another chance Meek, I could use 1 more.

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