50 Cent Thinks Nicki Minaj is the Real Reason Behind Drake & Meek Mill Beef

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent isn’t one to shy away from giving his opinions on current events and hot topics, so it’s not a shock he recently gave his views on the Drake and Meek Mill beef.

He seems to think Nicki may be the real cause behind the feud and she probably holds the same views as Meek when it comes to Drake’s artistry.

50 tells St. Louis radio station 104.1:

“I think it’s really a Nicki [and] Drake thing going on. I would think that he would be conscious of Nicki before he would just say something, when he knows Nicki and Drake have a relationship. Like, they’re down with each other. They’re in the same crew. Even if you just heard it randomly you would be talking to her before you say something publicly about it. Obviously she shares the same views, because she hasn’t really responded to it publicly.”

50 also wanted to make it clear that he writes his own rhymes:

“I wrote everything. One time I took a line [on] ‘Straight To The Bank.’ Because Kanye [did the chorus], while we were just chilling in the studio he said that. And then I copied the sound that he did—but we in the room, we playing around, we writing. That’s different to somebody writing your song.”


In related news, Nicki seemingly responded to the rumors claiming she broke things off with Meek by favoriting these tweets:

nicki meek breakup


  1. Why is everybody and their mom trying to become relevant by giving their 2 cents on the Drake vs Meek situation?

  2. Nicki didn’t say anything because she knows beefing with Drake would be one big mess. She can’t technically take sides either.

    1. Very true. If she left now, it would look bad on her part. I really wish she never got involved with Meek.

  3. I think Meek is just in his b-tch a-s feelings because Drake wasn’t trying to promote his album. I don’t think Drake fell out with Nicki but who knows.

  4. 50 cent is so messy but I honestly don’t think Nicki has anything to do with this. I think Meek got caught up in his feelings and tried to expose Drake and it backfired on him.

  5. There’s a lot of people who agree with 50’s theory. But I don’t think Drake and Nicki are beefing. As shady as Nicki can be, we would know for sure if she’s not cool with Drake anymore. She’s being really careful to not take sides, so I think she’s still cool with both and wants to keep it that way.

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