Rapper Nipsey Hussle Offends Black Women with Tweets

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lauren London has been able to keep her romance with rapper Nipsey Hussle pretty quiet and away from the headlines, but now Nipsey is making the blogs today because of some questionable tweets.

Yesterday, one of Nipsey’s followers tweeted an offensive comment about black women, but Nipsey’s followers were shocked to see him actually agree.

Check out the tweets below:

nipsey twitternipsey twitter 2

When Nipsey became a target of black Twitter, the rapper then took back to his timeline to tell folks the original tweet he responded to was just a joke (read from bottom to top):

nipsey twitter 6nipsey twitter 5nipsey twitter 4nipsey twitter 3


  1. In what world would that tweet even be funny? I don’t think it was a joke. I think this is how he really feels. And that’s interesting since I’ve always been told he’s a gang member. Why does he not view gangs as problematic for the black community?

  2. I would never read that and find any humor in it. With everything that’s going on right now, there’s no time for tasteless “jokes” and the bashing of black women being orchestrated by black men in any form, shape or fashion.

  3. Once again another black man trying to tear down black women.Forget he came from a black woman and that he is sleeping with a black woman>>Lauren London yet he still has no respect for black women. We ain’t the ones shooting up the community we ain’t the ones leaving our children fatherless, we ain’t the ones glorifying gang life. Black women get blamed for every got damn thing. But I bet black women are the only ones buying his wack a-s mixtapes though.

  4. It’s crazy how now when people say some offensive crap on Twitter, they turn around and say they were just joking.

  5. F-ck this cockroach. Didn’t a black woman birth his woman and his ignorant a-s? And black women are the only women out here protesting for black men. The f-cking audacity of these c–ns.

  6. Ummmm i ain’t Neva even heard of A Nipsey anybody till Lauren started fckn wit him…maybe it’s cuz I’m fr the East Coast…..but still when I 1st heard Nipset I automatically started thinking about the dude off “Martin”

    Anyway, isn’t Lauren a Black woman??? Who fckd, for Prego, ended up left for something betta and still continues to fck around wit thug a$$ dudes cuz she thinks it’s cute… Or if he wasn’t a rapper the only employment this dude would have is some minimum wage shyt I wonder if Nipsey w/e sees the disgrace in that shyt right there (giggles)

      1. Lmao WOW!!!! Dude ain’t even known like that in his own coast….and He ova there retweeting nonsense and look Black women made him relevant 1st his mama, 2nd and last Lauren smh

  7. I hate when people tweet dumb sh-t and tweet like 50 bullsh-t tweets after to explain how it was taken out of context.

  8. Lauren probably agrees with him. Ain’t she mixed? Some mixed people ride for black people but there are some who do feel they are superior.

  9. How can black women be a disgrace to the black culture when we outnumber black men in college, go to prison less and own more businesses than they do? Joke or not, the tweet is slander. If anyone needs to get it together, it’s black men.

    1. Amen!!! Kevin Hart, Nipsey Hussel and Lil’ Wayne can all kiss my round brown a$$. I need more black women to wise up and quit supporting “self-hating” entertainers (or anyone) who disrespect, belittle our black queens….straight up! Ya’ll a fool to accept Nipsey apology, dude knew what he was doing. See, I understand every person has a preference, but don’t be disrespectful and petty-as-fuck to an race your not interested in, No one is forcing Nipsey, Kevin or Wayne to date a black queen (trust, we can do better!!)….and trust and believe, I know plenty of hispanic, italian, egyptian, brazilian, polynesian, white men who appreciate a strong, educated black woman. As far as Lauren, its speaks volumes about the woman she is to date a man who would re-tweet something so insensitive, immature, and shady as that. Another thing, that “no name” free of charge comedian “1flymexican” who posted that offensive tweet, need to be checked. Black twitter need to ruin his career before it start. If we’re lucky, his black female fans will show up to his next gig and “boo” his ass, protest how much he hate his black female fans. I’m just saying, black women twitter can’t let this comedian off-the-hook….

  10. …Yet Black Women are the disgrace…They publicly post this and yet WE are the disgrace..God it’s like he has no common sense

  11. If he really loves black women, he would have never tweeted what he originally tweeted. I’m not here for his lame a-s backtracking. Black men like him are pathetic. When cops are out here killing them it’s black women protesting on their behalf and working diligently to get justice!!!! Hell the #BlackLivesMatter movement was started by black women!!!!! He needs to shut the hell up!!!!!

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