Nicki Minaj Picks a Side in Future & Ciara Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s very public relationship, but many are debating on if Future has a point when it comes to his views on Russell’s budding closeness with Baby Future.

Future feels slighted because he feels Russell may be coming off as a father figure to Baby Future too early into the relationship, and even T.I. agreed that lines have been crossed.

However, Nicki Minaj is subliminally chiming in as well and she’s doing so by favoriting tweets:

nicki team russell main


  1. Nicki girl sit down somewhere. Your man is out here getting embarrassed. Say something about that! Favorite that!

  2. And if Future was so trash, why did Ciara have a baby by him and beg him to up their wedding date? I just find it funny how everyone is caping for Ciara now but y’all dragged her when she was in Future’s harem. It shows how fake her fans have been for a long time. Y’all care more about who she’s dating than her actual music.

    1. What is your problem? You act like women don’t make bad choices in men sometimes grow up. Was Ciara stupid for getting with Future yes she was but does she deserve to have that held against her the rest of her life no she doesn’t. The case can be made about Future as well if Ciara was an attention wore like he said why did he get with her then I see you didn’t ask that question. I really don’t understand why are you worried or have a problem that people are taking up for her. Why does it bother you so much if people or her fans are more interested in who she’s dating why does it bother you I just don’t get it.

  3. I agree but Nicki may need to stay out of this one with all the L’s her man is taking right now given that she’s been real silent about that.

  4. I acutally want her to get into this Drake & Meek situation. It would make it very interesting. I’m starting to think 50 have a point, I don’t think Nicki & Drake have any beef but she defitnetly express some things during pillow talk.

  5. She is right but she will learn soon Twitter ain’t to be played with. The day she slips up and favorites an Anti Drake tweet, it’s going to be a mess.

  6. I think most women feel this way. We never understood what Ciara saw in Future with him having all those baby mamas and all. Now that she knows she deserves much better, TI and the rest of the questionable males are salty. I’m just assuming all the Future supporters can relate to his deadbeatness in some way.

  7. I just feel like if you don’t have children of your own then your opinion on this situation is irrelevant.

    1. True but Future stepped in and became a father figure to his baby mama’s son. This isn’t about Baby Future, this is about Future being jealous Ciara moved on.

  8. When a woman upgrades to a good man her ex knew he could never be, they become bitter. I’m glad Ciara and Russell aren’t engaging these bitter people.

  9. She has her own drama to worry about. She’s still in love with her bummy ex boyfriend, her current boyfriend has been castrated publicly by everyone because d-ck riding Drake is now the thing to do, and her music career ain’t what it used to be. Priorities Nicki.

  10. Sooner or later someone is going to pull Future’s card on this. He had Ciara watching all his kids while he was out on the road and it wasn’t a problem but Russell can’t be nice to her child?

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