Do You Agree? Karrine Steffans Has Some Words for Men

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrine Steffans started her career as an author by detailing her life as a video vixen, and the book became a bestseller because she gave up the details on her numerous kinky run ins with various rappers.

But these days Karrine isn’t feeling people still referring to her as “Super Head” and she thinks men are very hypocritical when it comes to a woman’s body.

She tells Jezebel:

“…Men are never happy. They want a woman who is good at s*x but don’t want you to practice. Everyone’s all screwed and living by rules that don’t really exist. I’m not afraid of my body.

“It’s not fair that men get to discuss women’s bodies but women don’t. There’s a vote every few years on Roe vs. Wade by men sitting in rooms deciding what I should do with my body. Men don’t have that issue! No one is deciding whether men should chop their b*lls off but them! [Everyone’s] deciding whether the female nipple is this horrible thing, but men with these t*tties are running around just letting their n*pples fly out. It’s offensive.”


    1. They are nothing but hypocrites! They get a pat on their backs for sleeping with multiple women, but expect the woman they marry to be a v-rgin!

  1. She makes good points. Outside of the super head stuff she’s actually very intelligent and interesting.

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