Lamar Odom Threatens to Expose the Kardashians

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s marriage came to a dramatic end, and it resulted in multiple media outlets claiming the former NBA player is on drugs.

Well Lamar has had just about enough of the Kardashians and he’s threatening to expose them.

Gossip Cop writes:

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian was seemingly confronted by Odom at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday as she arrived at SoulCycle in Beverly Hills. It was reported that Odom was screaming at his estranged wife, demanding she speak to him, and that she flipped out when he touched her arm. Kardashian apparently declined a stranger’s offer to call police, and took off.

But Odom is now claiming the incident went down much differently, and he’s calling out Kardashian for not setting the record straight. In a bizarre, minutes-long rant, the athlete says, “I am not, not, not the person they’re trying to make me out to be.” While it was said that Kardashian had questioned Odom about how he knew where she was, he suggests that, given that he now lives in Las Vegas, she had to tell him where she was, because he couldn’t have just “guessed right.”

“Nobody got followed. Nobody got hassled. Nobody got harassed. Nobody got grabbed on. None of that,” insists Odom. And as he gets increasingly angry, Odom cops, “It’s hard for me to keep my composure. Everybody that knows and supports me, I’m sorry. It’s just the dog needs to fight back. That’s it.”

Odom even warns that if there’s another incident, he’ll “air everything out.”


Lamar also feels like his whole life has been ruined.


  1. C’mon son…spill the beans but at the same time I know he just wants to move on with his life. I read somewhere that’s she making it seem like he’s jealous of James Harden

  2. I don’t feel sorry for his dumb a-s. Even his own family tried to warn him about that family of THOTs and he married Khlogre’s big a-s anyway. This is what they do. They discard all the fools they no longer need like trash.

    1. if swinging from trees with their dyks stuffed in their mouths with “them” smiling doesnt stop them, then what will?????

    2. Exactly if Kim didn’t need kayne for the spotlight he would be gone. She’s talentless and she knows that she releases sex tapes and nude photo to stay relevant. She needs kayne he don’t need her. They pay the media to have stories printed about them have you asked why are they reported on so much for what reason and what do any of them do exactly…….hmmm people please wake up?????

  3. Kris and TMZ are just trying to make it seem like he’s pressed about Khloe and James. They always do the most to make Khloe seems desirable because she hates being the “ugly one.” I think Lamar was happy being away from the media and Khloe is the one who reached out so she could pen this lie on him for attention.

  4. This is the wrath of a man who just now realizes he was being used the whole time. That’s why you don’t trust a Kardashian. The only thing they really love is fame. And when they can get it with someone else, they will throw you under a bus.

  5. Lamar was doing just fine and Khloe’s evil a-s set him up because like Kim she can’t stand the fact that Kylie is getting all the attention now. She wants people to care about her dating James Harden but no one really gave a f-ck so she had to get Lamar back in the picture again.

  6. Chile it’s going to be so epic when they try to pull this ish on Kanye. He’s going to spill all the tea and demolish that whole family when they try to cross him.

  7. Why does he expect the Kardashians to clear rumors up when they are the ones putting them out there for relevance?

  8. Lol I shouldn’t laugh but I am I don’t feel sorry for Lamar he knew exactly what he was getting into by messing with the Kardashians. Left his baby mama who stayed down for 10 years and married trash oh well. But I do believe they set him up I don’t think he ambushed Khloe I think she knew he was coming. What a coincidence right after Perez says stop writing about the Kardashians for a week Kim is naked on IG, Khloe is acting like Lamar is harassing her and Kylie is prancing around with Tyga in Mexico. I hope Kanye and Harden are paying attention because this will be them in the not so distant future.

    1. Exactly! As soon as #NoKardashiansForAWeek started trending this BS went down. I’m breaking my constitution to speak on this because I like UB but I refuse to acknowledge that family of slores for the rest of the week. Loathe that family!!!

  9. Khloe never loved this man. She just figured he’d be perfect to outdo Kim. But she will never surpass Kim. But Kylie will.

  10. He won’t do sh-t. He ain’t got the heart to expose them. We all know Kanye is going to be the one to take them out once Kim divorces him.

    1. Word and he might do a song with Jay and Bey about it too Lmao….that would be so epic…..and then the Beyhive can come for Kim and her fam too

  11. So she lied again? Damn they lie like hell for these fake storylines and the show is still flopping. Nobody watches that ish. LOL.

  12. Tyga is next. Kylie is finally 18 and Kris wants her to find a sucker with more fame and money. Drake better watch out.

  13. He just lost his best friend and they still decide to throw him to the wolves. The Kardashians are evil.

  14. These men are so dumb I swear. It’s like they think they are the special snowflakes the Kardashians won’t ever turn on. LMBO.

  15. You can’t get mad when you marry into a family of attention whores and they throw you under the bus for attention. They aren’t even loyal to each other. Look how they treat Rob.

  16. His reputation is ruined so I do kinda feel bad for him, and YES I’m here for him exposin they a-ses! It’s time for them to hang it up please! That whole family is so irritating

  17. The Kardashians are malignant narcissists so nothing they do should come as a surprise. They are soul suckers. Put here to prey and devour everyone around them and then, eventually, they will age and become just another page in history, nobody will even talk about them in another 30 years. Enjoy it now Kardashians, cuz karma is a beeetch….

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