RHOA to Make History with Newest Cast Member?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The rumors about casting for season eight of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are running rampant.

Now that it’s been pretty much confirmed Sheree Whitfield has returned to the hit reality show amid NeNe Leakes’ departure, now sources claim RHOA will make history by adding the very first transgender woman to the cast.

TMZ writes:

Producers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” have figured out a way to fill the shoes NeNe Leakes … and it starts with the first transgender woman to appear on the show.

TMZ has learned … Amiyah Scott will join the cast next season. Amiyah is a model who was born Arthur and began her transformation 10 years ago when she was 17.

Amiyah has been romantically linked to a number of rappers.

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  1. They are really throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks. They really didn’t think Nene would leave.

  2. Is she still dating a rapper? That’s the only way this would really make things interesting to me. If not, I fear she may be another Claudia. A pointless addition who won’t last longer than a season.

    1. Supposedly she slept with Wiz and Soulja Boy! Not worth bragging about, but now that Carlos King is reportedly back at RHOA I expect ratchetness like this to unfold.

  3. Bravo and RHOA execs are so lazy instead of trying to research and do diligence to find the right match for the show they just looking for a temporary buzz. Bring back Sheree so lazy,Kim Fields her personality doesn’t even match with RHOA and now because the transgender thing is in lets bring in Amiyah Scott. RHOA is on its way out mark my words honestly they really need to revamp this entire show get back to the basics.

  4. She is pretty tho, I follow her on IG and she’s funny & witty and unashamed! I hope she brings a fresh, new feel to the show of old bitter bunnies.

    1. Cosign. LOL at Nene fans being all salty because they know this season is going to be better without her.

  5. I won’t support a show that promotes confusion how can a maybe on a housewives show full of real women. I won’t be subjected to homosexual suggestion as entertainment I don’t like people lying to me that mister King Arthur Amiyah is a women it’s disgusting along with the gay men he dates.

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