Russell Wilson & Ciara Spotted Furniture Shopping?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Things are going really good for Ciara and Russell Wilson as their public romance continues, and although both are staying committed to their celibacy pledge, that may not have stopped them from furniture shopping recently.

Terez Owens writes:

Russell Wilson’s agent wouldn’t let him buy a house until he signed his new $87 million, but now that he signed on the dotted line, he’s all ready to fill that house up with kids, girlfriends, and of course furniture. Check out Russ, Ciara and son doing the most at the local furniture store.

ciara and russell furniture shopping


The picture was snapped by a fan and it’s blurry so we’re not so sure it’s Russell and Ciara. But if it is the couple, while furniture shopping does signal a couple may be moving in together, sometimes people just tag along for support.

Your thoughts?


  1. That looks like them. Now I’m on their team and all, but moving in together this soon isn’t smart at all. So I hope they aren’t.

  2. Of course they are moving in together that’s Ciara’s thing. She loves moving in with boyfriends she’s only been with for a few months. I told y’all she’s the black Kim Kardashian but with some talent. She dates people for relevance so she has to fall fast.

  3. It’s them but I’m going to assume he’s shopping and she decided to tag along. I would think moving in isn’t realistic for people hoping to wait on having s-x.

  4. They better not even be thinking about it. Moving in can ruin a newer relationship. Now I was one of the people who defended them and said they weren’t moving too fast but i’d have to hop off the bus if they moved in together.

  5. Hopefully she is just helping him with furniture because moving in together would be a mistake for a celibate couple. But did y’all hear what Russell ex wife said she sounds very bitter.

      1. I heard that but I don’t know if it’s truth but she wrote on a blog like someone else bashing Ciara and in the end she said if Russell wanted kids WE would have had then she caught herself and tried to say HE. Then she started following Ebro who was bashing Ciara recently and she started liking Future pictures that screams bitter to me.

  6. I don’t think Russell would move in with a woman he’s not married to. He’s really serious about his image and Christianity.

  7. I read last week they applied for a marriage license, and would be moving in together soon. If true then this would explain the furniture shopping. I don’t think they are moving too fast. If both of you want the same things, have the same moral upbringing, agree on kids, then I see no problem. They are only getting older and you don’t need to date someone for years upon end before knowing if you want marriage with them. Back in the day people hot married quicker and stayed together longer. I like them as a cpuple

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