Serena Williams’ Friends Not Feeling Drake?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Serena Williams is reportedly dating Drake again, but sources claim her friends aren’t happy about the reunion because of how things ended the last time.

TMZ writes:

Drake is getting a second bite of the apple that is Serena Williams — but now that they’re back on and popping, Serena’s guard is up for one reason … best summed up in one word: THOTs.

Sources close to Serena tell us she’s been into Drizzy ever since they first hooked up in 2011, but that ended badly because he had his eyes on a few other chicks at the same time. Let’s face it, Drake’s game with strippers and Instagram models is legendary.

We’re told Serena’s willing to give him another chance because they have a “good vibe” — which was on full display in the pics TMZ posted of their dinner in Cincinnati. Still, friends are warning her to be careful she doesn’t get hurt again.

Our Drake sources say it’s different this time — he treats her with more respect than his other dates because Serena’s a superstar in her own right. Translation: He doesn’t have to worry about her using him for fame.


  1. She’s still going to try to be with him anyway so they will just have to sit back and hope they are wrong.

  2. Some people called it yesterday and said Drake already messed over Serena so I don’t blame Serena’s friends they don’t want her to get hurt again. But ultimately no matter how much you want to protect your friend they have to figure it out on their own really nothing her friends can do but give her advice and hope he does right by her.

  3. She’s grown so she’s going to do what she wants to do. I just find it funny how Drake gets a second chance form someone like Serena. I guess women no matter how successful can still have low self esteem and be naive.

  4. I can see why they feel some type of way but it looks like Serena has already fallen for him anyway. I don’t get it though. Drake seems corny. I think it’s the beard that has women feeling him now.

  5. Sometimes our friends can see things we can’t. Drake is just into her because she’s Serena Williams. He’s very star struck. Then once a woman falls for him he leaves them. He just did the same thing to Rihanna last year. He’s somewhat of a groupie.

    1. All of this. He wants the power couple thing but gets bored too fast. He will be with some random groupie soon.

  6. So he really did cheat on her the first time. Welp. Serena can’t be mad if he does it again. When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.

  7. Her friends are right but all you can do is voice your opinions because people will do what they want to do. Everything seems like a game to Drake though. He likes to go back after his exes and prove a point it seems.

  8. She just wants to be “LOVED” just like ANY other WOMAN on thi$ planet. Cuz honey Chile all those Titles can’t keep u warm @ night.

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