Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Get a Reality Show

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Besties Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are reportedly heading to the small screen and they will open up about their personal lives in an upcoming reality show.

TMZ writes:

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are getting their own MTV reality show, TMZ has learned.

We’re told it’s close to being a done deal with contracts on the table.

Both women have a lot in common … recently single, working mothers with high-profile rappers for baby daddys and money in the bank. They also have past love affairs with the stripper pole.

Sources close to production say the show won’t be ratchet … it’ll focus on Amber and Chyna taking care of their kids while juggling work, including club appearances.


  1. Neither one of them need a reality show but if the KarTRASHians can have several, I don’t see why they can’t either.

  2. Oh great. This just means we will get more naked pictures from Kim any day now since her whole life revolves around competing with people who aren’t even thinking about her.

  3. They do not need their own reality show. They aren’t even that interesting and they need the Kardashians to stay relevant. So will they be Twitter beefing with Kim and Khloe again when the ratings drop?

    1. Kim isn’t interesting either, in fact the whole family is boring. Why do you think their ratings are so low now? LOL. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Amber and Chyna’s show will beat the Kardashians ratings seeing as no one really watches anymore anyway.

    2. I don’t understand how you can say something like this when you’re a Kardashian fan Im Sayin. The family you admire has to cling on to other people for publicity. How many times has Kim married to keep her 15 going? Khloe’s divorce was just finalized and she’s already on the next athlete…come on now.

    3. The f-ck? You stan for that whole family of attention whores who made a career out of using black people and you’re trying to shade other people for using them for attention for once? You get more disappointing by the got damn day.

  4. Chyna has been trying to get a reality show for the longest. That’s why she was cool with Kim and Kris at some point. I’m glad she got things in motion without their help.

  5. Cool. They just need to be smart and use this to do bigger things. Advertising waist trainers on Instagram won’t make you wealthy.

    1. Are you new on here? Amber and Chyna are adored on here. It’s Kim and her siblings that they slut shame. Smh.

      1. Build a f-cking bridge and get over it. As much as those Kardashian hoes have been praised for being THOTs, you can’t even try to cry on here about us not fawning over them and their bullsh-t. Not every black woman worships those sluts. Get over it.

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